Taisho – 07v2-08 (BD)


Not a whole lot faster, but now we at least have a trustworthy editor on this project after three of them bailed…

As promised, we release a v2 of episode 7 due to some filter-issues on the previous encode, as well as a completely unnecessary note in pdf-format. ^^
We’re looking to release a v2 of episode 6 too due to some editing inconsistencies, but that might take a while as many are in the form of hardcoded signs. Nothing you’re not used to at this point though…

And yes, we’re doing Hajime no Ippo S3 one way or another, and probably the Ano Hana movie whenever it is out on BD too. ^^

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Taisho_Baseball_Girls_07v2_[720p][Blu-Ray]
MD5: D7E8ECD57F8F2FE3B07672B9F1292A42

Taisho – 07 (BD)

So I’m sorta/maybe/perhaps/hopefully back again, and will be able to bring you those releases that have just been waiting there for me to finish up, all this time.
At least I got my Master’s degree now, so haters gtfo. 🙂
About Taisho, I guess we will be working on this till the grave, but at least we did an attempt to at least get this one episode out, hopefully more will follow (with less than 2 years delay). Maybe no one still cares about this (I don’t blame you), but we’ll still try to see this one through.
You might notice the signs being slightly different than usually etc, since I had to redo the logo and titles.

Love and Peace!

The Kabocha Wine dropped

This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to those of you who’ve been waiting for ep7 since September, but this joint is dropped as AKF unfortunately no longer has time to translate. If you happen to know Japanese and want to revive this, feel free to drop me a line here or on Rizon and we may be able to get things going again. Until then though, this project is positively dead.