Taisho – Complete Batch (+NCOP/ED)


We promised you episode 9, but since you’ve all been nice for quite some time, and we want to start New Year with a big blast, we instead decided to give you the complete batch! Banzai!

There’s been a whole lot of staff involved to finally bring you this, not even gonna try to remember everyone, you know who you are and I’m really thankful for all your help. Even though Taisho was eventually licensed (and now even available in stores…) we decided to still get it out since our deceased friend CP had bought all the bluray discs, once upon a time. Unfortunately we couldn’t get it out in time for him to enjoy, but it feels good to finally be able to keep our promise and put it on the list of finished projects.

Also, for those that enjoy that kind of thing, our encoder decided to encode the creditless OP/ED for you, so we’ve included them in the batch too.

Lastly, I and the rest of Saizen would like to wish you a happy New Year! Take care of your family and loved ones, be humble and a role model for the people in your neighborhood, by always treating people with respect. We live in dark times, so together, let’s make 2016 a good year! I dare everyone to make at least one good deed to someone you don’t know. 🙂

Till next time!

Attack on Titan – OAD 1-3 Batch

Hello Titanheads, we finally finished up the third OAD of Attack on Titan (I may have stalled it somewhat >.>) so here it is for your viewing pleasure. This OAD takes place not long after the last culinary extravaganza but this one’s a little more serious, focussing around a seemingly routine expedition for the cadets that goes awry and reminds them that the Titans aren’t the only dangers in their world.

As with the last OAD, this is a combined effort with Soldado Subs so make sure you go thank them and watch some of their other series too. We also have the Kuinaki/No Regrets OADs in the works so look forward to them being released at some point – I’ll try not to stall those for six months like I did this one. <.<


E_B Comment: This is a batch release with 1-2 having new and improved encodes, OAD 1 is HD 720p. Derp, dialogue font missing in OVA 1: Here | Patch: Here

Magnet URI[Saizen-Soldado] Shingeki no Kyojin OVA 1-3 (BATCH)
MD5: n/a


Attack on Titan – No Regrets PV


Here’s a nice little treat for those who still await our OVA 3 release. A PV sub of the upcoming OVAs, also a joint with Soldado-Subs

NOTE: Do keep in mind this is a webrip from Kadokawa’s official youtube page, so the quality won’t be as good as it can be. There will not be a 720p version of this because youtube’s resizers suck and killed some of the line edges. As a consequence, it is all softsubbed, but it shouldn’t be too taxing despite the 1080p.

Magnet URI[Saizen-Soldado]_Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_Kuinaki_Sentaku_OVA_(PV)_[1080p][WEB][13F6B6F1].mkv
MD5: a6001ceb0f158e35185eb0ae5a6d58ea