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If Saizen had its own anthem, this is what we’d look like whenever it played.

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This is how I look when people tell me I shouldn’t stall so much.

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It’s been a long time since we released any Charady but it’d feel wrong if we didn’t mark the anniversary of ConsiderPhlebas’s passing with a handful of episodes in his memory. So here are three more episodes of everyone’s favorite joke shorts and we hope to have another batch for you soonish.

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Charady 73
I’m not sure if anyone remembers (I’d almost forgotten) but we still do this project, so here’s another 5 episodes of mild hilarity for your pleasure to break up the monotony of your otherwise humourless day. Though you might want to make these last, because on current form, it might be a while before the next batch of riproaring jokes comes out ^_^

But onto a more serious note: as I may have mentioned previously, Charady’s Daily Joke was one of the projects that our much-missed colleague CP worked on before he sadly passed away last month. There’s very little I can say in this newspost that hasn’t already been said on this site at one time or another, but releasing this particular batch was always going to be poignant for us (me especially) because this project encapsulated CP’s finest points: his dedication, his love for overlooked shows that most people just won’t touch, and the fact that I could just hurl things at him at a moment’s notice after months of glacial progress and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid – he’d even be overjoyed and throwing them straight back before I had time to blink! So it seems apt that one of the Charady episodes in this batch involves a character raising a glass and drinking to an absent friend, and I’d like to do likewise. Thanks for all your contributions, both as a subber, a team player and a friend, ConsiderPhlebas.


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BS 38
And so, the great saga of Liogre and co. draws to a close, a mere 941 days after the twin colossi of Saizen and Ruri began to weave its mighty tale. We may have finished this series nearly two years after the final episode aired, but by our powers combined, we’ve finally wrapped it up and we hope you enjoyed the ride. As is customary on the last episode of a series, let’s all give a warm round of applause to the gentlebeasts who made this all possible:

Translators: Alcyone, Mendinso, Sapphry, Yaminoyami, convexity (who did most of it <3)
Timers: ninjacloud, Sangofe, Isakasan
K-timing: FAbian101
Kara: Timescar
Editor: FalseDawn
Typesetters: MadMaxBoy, Timescar, Juggen
Encoder: Batman
QC: Kuroiryuu

We hope to have a batch release out… at some point (watch this space), and there is talk of doing the second season but raws are as rare as pixie dust right now, so we’ll see how that goes. If anyone knows of anywhere we might obtain the raws for the second season – rumour has it that NTT DoCoMo are streaming it for their customers so in theory, if anyone has a DoCoMo ID, we might be able to rip the streams from there – please get in touch with us either on the site here, on Ruri’s site, or hit us up on the Rizon network on IRC in the #saizen channel.

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Beast 36
[Insert newspost here]

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