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Bet you weren’t expecting this to join our roster of shows, but when we here at Saizen found out that the most recent Lupin special had gone for over a year without any proper subs (i.e. that weren’t fed through Google Translate), we knew that this was one injustice that had to be righted as soon as possible. At roughly the same time, the enigmatic figure of Jing reappeared on the horizon and threw us some stuff that Underwater had already done on this special – so we took those materials and ran with them, getting them into a releasable state. So in addition to the work Saizen did on this, we owe a lot to the contributions of bluesun, joletb and conkerer. Thanks, guys!

Part 2 should be along… shortly. Because I know everyone will want to watch it when they’ve seen this part.

Magnet URI[Saizen] Lupin the Third - Goemon Ishikawa's Fountain of Blood - Part 1 [Blu-Ray] [61EF20DD].mkv
MD5: 12711a8fdb8ee9c0c3b829e164d71db2

It wouldn’t be CP Memorial Day without another helping of Charady, a show he used to work on.

Apparently, it’s been over a year since our last visit to Charady’s bathtub. Doesn’t time fly? And I haven’t even managed a five-ep batch, like I’ve been saying I’ll do for years now >.>

Well, anyway, hope you all enjoy this latest serving of Attack on Titan Charady’s Daily Joke. Fingers crossed we’ll have some more for you soon. Before the 10th anniversary of this show, at least   o.o

Magnet URI[Frostii-Saizen]_Charady's_Daily_Joke_-_86-87
MD5: n/a

If we had fans here at Saizen, I’d imagine this is how they’d look on hearing that we’re releasing another episode of H2.

Magnet URI[Sighzen] H2 - 09 [DVD] [20C492E2].mkv
MD5: c0b304a9ca3ab15f3fb8719dc3e3f230

Katrielle’s done it! She’s found the missing magnifying glass! Sorry, what? She was meant to be looking for a missing pet? Oh, hm.

Magnet URI[Saizen] Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Kat's Puzzle-Solving Files - 09 [3638E838].mkv
MD5: 9d5f74e264e68955f2ff9d88a3686a8a

We finally got around to batching this. Not much has changed on this, except we got a new, better raw for episode 59 when the series re-aired, so we’ve used that for the batch – hence why episode 59 is a v2. The script itself only has some minor tweaks so this batch is only really useful if you want to rewatch this arc or if you didn’t catch these eps the first time around.

Magnet URI[Saizen] Dr Slump - The Dragon Ball Episodes - Batch
MD5: n/a

Hello, puzzle fans. This episode, we find out that Sherl actually outranks Katrielle [insert joke about dog tags here]. Our brave heroine, Lance Corporal Layton, volunteers for a suicide mission, and after one final meal, she prepares to go behind enemy lines and infiltrate *shudder* Coventry. Will she make it back out alive from that hellhole? Find out by clicking the link below:

Magnet URI[Saizen] Layton's Mystery Detective Agency - Kat's Puzzle-Solving Files - 08 [686ACC1E].mkv
MD5: a5781686810b73cb8065d00f5b0ec84c