Everything gets forgotten in the fullness of time – unfortunately, this means that some torrents we’ve put out in the past that have since been neglected as well. So if there are any specific Saizen torrents you wish us to reseed, tell us on this page and we will try to accommodate you if we can. Please note that reseed requests on episode releases may get overlooked, so if you want to be able to download a torrent of ours that currently has zero seeds, this is the best place for us to oblige.

To view our torrents, visit our nyaa page. The list should be fairly comprehensive but if you can’t spot a project we’ve done on there and there’s enough demand for us to stick a batch torrent of it on there, let us know here, and we’ll see what we can do.

PLEASE NOTE: If there is a batch or partial batch of a series, we only seed/reseed the batch, not the individual episodes.

36 thoughts to “Reseed”

  1. Hi I got to know you guys through and urgently need reseed for kuroko no basket s1 and s2 1080p blu ray. The download speed is at 26kbps when the file is 30gb and 45gb. At this rate it could take months.. Please help


  2. Hey I’m just asking if you can reseed the Ashita no Joe pilots for me please. They’re the only episodes I can’t download.



  3. Hey!
    I’m just asking for reseed this [Saizen]_Aoki_Densetsu_Shoot!_(Blue Legend Shoot!)_01-58_Movie_[Complete_DVD] please
    Thank you so mush ^^


  4. Captain tsubasa 1-125 have no seeders or little seeders, can you upload a batch file if possible?


  5. Hi saizen fansubs, the first OVA of Ace of Diamond no longer has seeders, and isn’t available elsewhere. I would greatly appreciate a reseed 🙂


    (sorry for the delay, must’ve missed this at the time)

  6. Hi guys, Ninku episode 32, 35 and 38 are fine now, and I keep all of them seeded. There is still one episode (number 36) that is not completed since 1 week. It’s stucked at 80%, no more movement. I checked on nyaa, but this is the only episode with no seeders on the list. Thank you so much for your incredible work guys.


    (check Soldado’s torrents on nyaa)

  7. Hello! If possible, can you reseed Beast Saga? I just posted a comment under the batch post before finding this section. Long story short (too late!), I just started collecting the toys and would love to watch the show as well!


  8. Hello guys,
    Thank you for all your work!
    Is it possible to reseed the Prince of Tennis batch please? It is stuck at 98.7% for some days now… so close…
    (this torrent:

    Thank you again :)!


    (That torrent’s so old, I’m not sure how much support we can give to it, but we’ll try to figure something out for it soon. In better news, all of Saizen’s PoT releases are seeded)


    We’ve released a whole series batch in order to seed PoT again:

  9. hi i am looking for the torrents of Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers i only found the season 3 bloopers
    can you reseed these torrents please


    (All Season 1 & 2 blooper releases are in the batch releases for those seasons, all seeded)

  10. Any chance to reseed [Saizen]_Ookiku_Furikabutte_-_The_Summer_Tournament_Chapter_-_01-13_&_Special ? Thanks a lot!


    (This torrent on nyaa)

  11. Hi! I’d like to ask to reseed Kuroko’s Basketball Endless Summer Fan Disc Extras [DVD]. Thank you!


  12. Please reseed kuroko in 1080 S3 episode 53-55 . Thank you.


    (nyaa messed up somehow and deleted our original torrents)

    1. Ty very much, i will seed it as long as posible, also if you change torent or something i will seed that too. Ty again.

  13. Hello could you please help me reseed on the prince if tennis.. Really wanting to watch the anime but I cant find a good site to download and the speed in the torrent is so slow.. Please


    (This torrent on nyaa – it’s on our seedbox so we’re actively seeding it and by the looks of it, it’s uploading just fine. If you’re struggling for speed, maybe just dl a few eps/one season at a time from the torrent, rather than the whole thing in one)

  14. Hi, could please reseed H2 from ep 4 to 7?
    Those 4 have been stuck in 0% for a few days. Thanks!


  15. Hello, could you guys reseed Kuroko’s Let’s Chat OVA, Would You Like To Chat OVA, and the Endless Summer fan disc extras?
    The latter 2 is being seeded but very slow, while the first one isn’t seeded anymore.
    Appreciate the help. 🙂


    (They’re all on our seedbox which is usually speedy, so if you’re suffering from speed issues, it might be on your end)

  16. I’ve searched all over the internet and only your group has subtitles. I found the torrent on the nyaa page, but they didn’t download (some did). This movie does not, Captain Tsubasa Movie 2, for example. If it’s not too much of a bother, could you seed your old release of Captain Tsubasa (Shin, J, Road to 2002 and movies). Thank you


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