1. We won’t be adding a donation button, you’ll have to make a Paypal account to contribute.
  2. You’re not forced to donate, even one dollar will be greatly appreciated, however.
  3. Occasionally we will put up causes for specific donation aims.


Latest Cause

Ongoing Cause

-|| Distro bots ||-
One of our distros, and dear friend, [M-V], who hosts Saizen|Arutha and helps seed torrents with his seedbox, is spending 169€/month to keep it and his many other bots up and running (which serve a lot of the fansub scene, not just us!), and has been doing so for the past 5 years. You do the math. ^^ You can send donations to him here.

Old Causes

-|| Kuroko’s Basketball ||-

AMS had been spending money from his own pockets on the Kuroko Blurays, and asked you guys for help. We’re glad to announce that the goal of 200$ has been reached! Thanks a lot, guys!

-|| Space Brothers Zero ||-

30/$33.60 target reached and we now own the BD for the movie of Space Brothers #0!

Honorary mentions

D.: Saizen Foundation: 300$.

krs: Captain Tsubasa – Italian DVDs (episodes 81-128): 50€. Will be used as audio source for a cleaner audio.

Predelnik: Saizen Foundation: 175€.

tenkenX6: Saizen Foundation:  51$.

Berantle: Ashita no Joe DVDs:  500$?

Matthias: Space Brothers #0: 30

Justin: Saizen Foundation: 30

Avinash: Distro: 33€

Staff Donations

CP: Taisho Baseball Girls – BDs (episodes 01-12): 300~$.

sangofe: Hungry Heart Wild Striker – translations (20 episodes): 200$ ; DVDs: 50€. Igano Kabamaru – translations: 60$.

ser2703: Aoki Densetsu Shoot, Hungry Heart Wild Striker, and Slam Dunk – translations (a bazillion episodes): Over 1000$ in total.

20 thoughts to “Donations”

  1. Hi guys! Love the work youre doing

    I closed off the remaining [M-V] donations (65eur) and sending through sangofe’s paypal 300$ for your personal entertainment.. Its the least I can do since you guys are entertaining us with your subs! 😀 enjoy!

  2. Wow… Thanks a lot! It’s so good to see that there are people wanting to donate money. How’d you like to get credited, D?

  3. The goal of getting [M-V] 169€ in donations has been met! Everybody who donated, pat yourself on the back, you guys are awesome, and it feels really good to know that people out there can be this nice and generous. Hat’s off to you guys! ^^

  4. My feeling is that most people who donate to anime in various ways, through chipping in coins to various fansubbing groups or other contributors, buying raws, paying for translations, providing distro, or in any other way, are in the end doing it for the joy of contributing to “the cause of anime”.

    Animated pictures, as provided by Japan and collaterals, is a great medium. To make this available to more people, I have tried to contribute to this group and other ones, in a monetary fashion as well as many hours of work. For me, this has not been sacrifice, and I bet and hope it the same for most of the other contributors as well, regardless of what they add to the mix 🙂

    I do find it very important, though, that fansubbing remains a fan thing. This should not be a way of making money. Any financial contribution should be directed to improving the results or help cover large expenses.

  5. It’s still free, we just made an option to chip in. I’ve been fansubbing for free for 7 years and ain’t planning on changing that. ^^

    It’s like any other free service, people pay if they feel like contributing or if they get value from it. No harm in that. ^^

  6. I just donated a bit of money to the Kuroko BDs cause. It’s not much but something is better than nothing, right? ^_~

  7. Every bit counts 🙂 Either way, S1 will be finished. No obligations to anyone. I’ve already bought them all 🙂

  8. Hey guys, tenkenX6 here. Just got finished doing a random drive by donation to [M-V]’s distro bots cause. That’ll be all. Signing off.

  9. Hey, I just wanted to make a donation to [M-V], but noticed that the above link is broken. Removing the port number works, but gets me Chrome’s nasty warning about the SSL certificate. Can you confirm (via response here or PM) that the donation link is still valid (minus the port number)?

    Thanks still fighting the good fight (grabbing last year’s Ninku postings from Arutha as we speak).

  10. OK, I’ve started a $10 monthly donation to [M-V] via flatter to help with server costs and etc. I know it’s not much, but I’m just kind of “testing the waters” right now. The amount may go up in the future. 😉

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