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We need you, soldier! Here at Saizen, we are desperately in need of QUALITY CHECKERS to work across ALL of our projects. The QC job is a very important part of the fansubbing process, being the last port of call before an episode is released to the masses, and the basics of it are: you watch an episode and point out all those pesky typos, grammar mishaps, naming inconsistencies, timing derps, and so on. Sounds simple, right? It requires a good eye for detail and a no-nonsense approach to make Saizen releases the best they can be. We value quality in our work in Saizen, and any potential recruit would need to have that same mindset.

No prior fansubbing experience is necessary, though it is beneficial if you have some. A good working knowledge of IRC and and FTP program (such as Filezilla) is preferably as the position utilises these on a regular basis. Also, while not mandatory, experience with Aegisub and Mkvtoolnix will count in your favour when applying, as these are the two main tools of our trade.

While we’re not currently actively looking for other positions to bolster our ranks, if you feel you have the skills to add to our current team in other areas, get in touch. Please note: ALL POSITIONS WILL BE TESTED.

If you’re interested, drop into #saizen or #saizen^recruits on the Rizon network on IRC. Or fill in our snazzy new form below. It’ll be emailed to our staff and we will email back… at some point in the near future.

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