Major Season 1 – 09-11 720p

Hey, everyone. It’s been a while. Here are the next 3 eps of Major Season 1 for you!

Episode 11 has a whole bunch of Earthquake warning text in Japanese throughout the episode. Sorry, can’t do anything about it that I’m willing to do, lol.

Anyway, happy birthday to me! Enjoy!

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Major Season 1 – 07 720p

Major - 07 workraw [BEF8A864]_001_12405
Hello again, one and all. Here’s the next episode of Major Season 1 for you! After the crushing events that occurred in the last episode, we skip forward and join Honda Goro as the 9-year-old version of himself enters the fourth grade, where we are introduced to a few characters that will be sticking around throughout the series. Goro’s also finally become old enough to join a little league team now, so we get to see the coach we were introduced to back in episode 3.

The beat rolls on in this one as the narrative rebuilds itself and carries on, but that doesn’t mean that this is a throw away episode. There’s a lot going on, and we are introduced to a lot of characters that we will be spending a lot of time with not only during this season, but in seasons to come as well.

Anyway, I hope y’all like it. Enjoy!

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PS. I want to personally thank the nyaa mod and whoever (if anyone) spoke to them about the Kuroko Blooper torrents that were released last night. Because they got restored, I had the time to finish up this release for everyone today. So, thank you. You’re the reason this release happened today.

Major Season 1 – 06 720p

Major - 06 workraw [F742C884]_001_5215
Day 12 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and we’re almost at the end. Today, we bring you Major Season 1 – 06.

At the end of the last episode, we saw Gibson drill Shigeharu in the head with a pitch. Is he all right? Will he stand again? Goro can’t possibly lose his father too, can he? Yeah, probably not. No way things would be that tragic, right? Well, I kinda spoiled it with the release pic anyway. Looks like he’s fine. Oh well.

Anyway, this is probably the last episode of Major for the release spree, but it is a pretty epic one, so grab it quick and see how things go down for yourself!

Enjoy and be prepared to be moved!

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Major Season 1 – 05 720p

Day 10 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas brings us one of the most impactful episodes of Major there is: Season 1, Episode 5.

We were briefly introduced to him last episode, but we finally get to meet the man himself in this one as Joe Gibson arrives in Japan. It’s rather strange for a Cy Young Award winner to go to Japan the year after he won the Cy Young Award, so he must have special reason, right? I mean, it’s never happened in real life before. Meanwhile, Shigeharu and Miss Hoshino’s romance blossoms as they grow closer. Then, finally, Major doesn’t waste any time and we get to the legendary showdown between Shigeharu and Joe Gibson as they face-off in series defining matchup.

Don’t take my word for it though. Grab it quick and watch it for yourself!

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Major Season 1 – 04 720p

Major - 04 workraw [DCC283DF]_001_10227
Day 8 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas and we’re a little embarrassed like Shigeharu here, so let’s get the next episode of Major Season 1 out to you!

In the last episode, we saw Shigeharu make his first appearance as a batter in dramatic fashion as he crushed a game-winning home run. In this one, it’s Goro’s birthday! Goro’s a little worried his dad forgot about his birthday with all the time he’s had to put into switching over to batting. Has he really forgotten? Would he really forget about his son’s birthday? Yeah, probably not, but what’s going on between him and Miss Hoshino? Oh, and who’s this Major Leaguer? Joe Gibson? What’s his deal?

To find out the answers to all of this and more, grab this one quick! Oh yeah! Have a Happy New Year too!


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