Major Season 1 – 09-11 720p

Hey, everyone. It’s been a while. Here are the next 3 eps of Major Season 1 for you!

Episode 11 has a whole bunch of Earthquake warning text in Japanese throughout the episode. Sorry, can’t do anything about it that I’m willing to do, lol.

Anyway, happy birthday to me! Enjoy!

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Major_Season_1_-_09_[720p][2796914A].mkv
MD5: 39cfa74e035122ed50cca402d54bb265

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Major_Season_1_-_10_[720p][AEBDFED8].mkv
MD5: 1bab10d83489bf10733cb4091ab1b15f

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Major_Season_1_-_11_[720p][70328EE7].mkv
MD5: e38f1dc970b1b4d791bdd6631a47e782

17 thoughts to “Major Season 1 – 09-11 720p”

  1. “Yeah, Falsedawn ?”
    Don’t say that you’re not going to translate it??

    I hope that you confirm that whether you are releasing it or not.

    thanks in advance for your hard working. ???

  2. Nice to see that you’ve completed another batch of episodes, and yeah episode 11’s Earth Quake warnings, and the other junk text in the broadcast stream……

    I wish they would rebroadcast the series at 720p or 1080i so someone could in Japan could record the broadcast streams, I would instantly drop the DVD video.

    5 months ago I completed Stage 2, typing out 300-400 lines of text per episode in a short amount of time wasn’t fun LOL!

    I’ve come with a present, completed in September, well I wouldn’t say completed, they need a lot of editing

    Might be useful to you if you decide to do Season 2, but don’t feel retiming or translating from scratch.

    I just started stage 3 of my subtitle conversion, this stage is looking to be the hardest with weird sync, and progressive desyncing issues which are the biggest issues.

    The best part is I can no longer use Aegisub to try and sync some of these subtitles to the DVD video, but I have found another program called Subtitle Edit which allows greater Millisecond timing that Aegisub lacks.

    Honestly, if I continue going it alone, I may never finish this.

    Only time will tell.


  3. We have a new source now. I’ve seen the first episode. It lacks all the broadcast junk and is higher quality than what we’re currently using. It will be replacing our previous source and we will issue v2 for eps 1-11 after we finish the season in the batch that will wrap the season up for us. I’m just waiting to get all the episodes now.

    I would retl the whole thing if I was to do Season 2. All the typesetting would get redone too, obviously (as it’s hardsubbed currently).

    I don’t see why timing in extra milliseconds would make any difference as what shows up is not by millisecond but by frame.

    That’s quite the large amount of work though, dude. Kudos to you! We feel your pain ^_^

  4. Hi, sorry if this is not the section to do so, but I’d like to ask what happened with this ongoing project, was it dropped?
    thank you in advance

  5. Thank you for the episodes so far.
    So good to watch then in 720p for the first time, even if it’s not the full season.
    I really wish all the 6 seasons could be release in this quality some day…

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