While there have been quite a few notable football series since the turn of the decade (Blue Lock, Ao Ashi, and Farewell, My Dear Cramer), the decade before offered slim pickings for football fans, stretching right back to the powerhouse that was Giant Killing at the beginning of the 2010s. The only real exception to this (aside from the remake of Captain Tsubasa if you’re into that) was a 2016 series called DAYS. Following a complete novice in Tsukamoto Tsukushi, it was a somewhat basic look at high school football, but it had a colourful cast and some enjoyable footie action, and while its 24-episode run didn’t do quite enough to earn itself a sequel series, in 2018, a three-episode set of OVAs was released to bring some resolution to the story. These episodes were subbed and released by Orphan way back in 2019, but another set of OAD episodes that was packaged with the manga in 2017 and focused on a training camp remained unsubbed. Step forward the combined forces of Orphan and Saizen! This one’s been in the vault for a while (due to staffing issues for both groups) but we finally got it over the line after many years of trying. So if you’re a fan of the series or just like watching a bunch of high school dudes goofing off for the best part of 45 minutes, this release is for you. Enjoy!

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Baby and Me – 27

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a romantic period drama. Yes, no babies in sight (they’re romance-killers, after all), only vintage parasols, cherry blossoms falling all around, and ladies swooning if you so much as even look in their direction. Ah, a simpler time…

That’s all for CP Day this year, so all that remains for me to say is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

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Yawara – 79-86 (BD)

As many of you will remember, Christmas Eve is CP Day in this corner of the internet: the day where we release a bunch of episodes to celebrate the life of our much-missed colleague, ConsiderPhlebas, on what would have been his birthday. The Yawara team have been hard at work yet again to get another batch ready and it seems only fitting to release a whopping 8 episodes today of all days. So if you’re struggling to find stuff to do over the Christmas period, treat yourself to a few hours of judo goodness.

As ever, this project is a joint with the wonderful folks over at Live-eviL and a little birdie told me they just finished up one of their other projects, so go check ’em out if you get a chance!

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Laughing Salesman Specials — 20-23

And so, everything must come to an end. Luckily, this particular end is a natural one, unlike the ones Moguro’s victims clients usually meet, because we’ve finished a series! Yay! Or to be more accurate, we’ve finished the specials for this series, because we already did the series proper a little while ago. But anyway, this ties up all the loose odds and ends for the original run of Laughing Salesman, so we hope you enjoyed (if that’s the right word) the tales of Moguro and the many, many, many unfortunate souls who weren’t careful what they wished for.

As this is the last episode of the specials, it would be remiss not to thank the following people for their hard work on this project:

Translation – kokujin-kun, valerio
Timing – ninjacloud, sangofe
Editing and Typesetting – Collectr
QC – Nemesis, Uchuu
RC – Ayanami-
Encoding – BakaProxy
Muxing – Mamo-chan

If you wish to read a more in-depth overview of the project, head on over to Collectr’s blog. He was able to get his head around the weird numbering system that was going on with these specials, so if you’re curious about that, check it out.

And as ever, a very hearty thanks to those stand-up chaps and chapesses over at Live-eviL, who jointed with us on this project. We couldn’t have done it without them.

So all that’s left to say is go download and enjoy!

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Sand Land Promo

If you’ve been following Saizen for the past few years, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that we have a few fans of Akira Toriyama on the staff, so the fact that we’ve decided to sub the 15-minute promo of his latest movie, Sand Land, likely won’t come as too much of a surprise to you. Anyway, for some reason, when this snippet of the movie was released on Youtube, it didn’t come with an English translation, so we thought we’d slap one on for all of us that don’t know Japanese. So enjoy!

Magnet URI[Saizen] Sand Land Promo [B09B69AD].mkv
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