Taisho 6 (BD)

What’s with the shocked faces… we never said we were going to drop it. On the contrary an awesome fan has aided us by providing the remaining BD episodes (thank you thank you thank you…) :). Let us all rejoice and commence with building a memorial in their name. Scratch that let’s just finish the series. So look forward to the remainder of the series; it won’t be fast, but slow and steady we’ll get to the finish line :P.

Also if you enjoyed our classic subs and are good with Japanese translations, we got some oldies just waiting to see the light of day if you can help.

The Kabocha Wine – 06

Forget the terrible summer cours, this is our new project; a much-overlooked lil’ comedy show from the early 80:s.

Shy teenager Shunsuke is terrified of girls. He’s grown up surrounded by his sisters, and his mother owns a lingerie shop. When he moves to a new high school thinking it’s for boys only but finds it’s actually a coed establishment, he’s in danger of letting his phobia ruin his schooldays. His fellow pupil, the lovely Natsumi “Call Me L” Asaoka, is a lot bigger than he is in every way. But despite being kindhearted, taller, and stronger, she falls in love with short, neurotic Shunsuke. And even though he feels he’s being run over by a well-meaning bulldozer, he comes to appreciate her finer qualities.

CCCP icon[AKF&Saizen]_The_Kabocha_Wine_-_06_[556DDB77].mkv
MD5: 06d5247a97ea490d273b32264078d20d

We’re subbing this with AKF who’ve already released the first five episodes, for those of you who would get the crazy idea to actually want to start watching from the beginning.