13 thoughts to “Psycho Armor Govarian – 05”

  1. The kids are there cause it’s sci-fi, and they’re their future kids which they’re making right now. It’s called a time paradox 😛

  2. I watched the first episode of Psycho Armor Govarian, besides having an awesome anime openning, it was…interesting.

    Somehow an alien creates blueprints for a mecha – but somehow it’s able to be materialized, altered and even repaired through telekinetic (psychokinetic?) power.

    It’s pretty wild.

  3. Hi, was very interesting in go Nagai before , and waited so long to c govarian , god mazinger subtitled, oh, well one of them is on the process , but.. after I grew up and start to lose interest in anime.. All that time was so eager to find any ep subtitled , dream came true finally , but at wrong time … Sigh …
    Thanx anyway to u saizen, u guys r doing wonderful.

  4. Is it just me or does Govarian’s opening theme sound like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger?” or possibly something Journey (the band) would have sung back then?

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you’re right about that youtube clip.

    That melody is originally the opening track “Pulstar” from the Vangelis album “Albedo 0.39.”

    That’s a classic album, by the way…

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