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  1. Thanks guys a lot! I can’t wait to watch! Also can’t wait to hear the new ending! Goodbye Tsubasa Yo Hashire!

  2. Thanks, Saizen-subs. Great timing, btw. 40 days is fast, grayskull, considering they do this on free time, and free of charge.

    Good luck, keep it up.

  3. grayskull says:
    thanks. please make the releases at a more faster rate next time.

    You know, comments like this make us do the opposite. Do you think we don’t try our best to?

  4. Hi,

    I was just checking to see if you guys were still subbing Tsubasa, and to my surprise, yes. (I worked with the frenchies-subs releases back then with Hiei-, don’t know if he’s still around). That’s some determination

    It’s good to see that you guys are still at it (Sangofe if he’s still around etc)

    With all these anime reboots these days, I’m hoping that we get a new Tsubasa anime someday. That would be fabulous.

  5. Hi bla. Yes, i did translate quite a few episodes last few months. And thank you for your post 🙂

  6. Sangofe, you translated quite a few episodes last month? There was only one episode last month, so I guess that means that there going to be a few more coming soon! Thanks a lot, I’m very excited, I just love this thing!

  7. Uh, let’s see when I translated more episodes… Between the 27th of december 2015 and 12th january.

    And nope, it doesn’t nesscarely mean new episodes will be out “soon”. It has sometimes taken two years after I translated before that very episode got released 😛

  8. Wow, you sure are brave to be posting as “Anonymous”! (Did you know we see your IP, you piece of shit?)

  9. sorry for this AMS & sangofe….i was not knowing about the IP & the consequences of all this……bt now i came to know….pardon me for this ……it will never happen again..

    moreover i will never visit this site again … 🙁

  10. please reply once……sorry 4 my mistake sangofe ,AMS & others ……please…..forgive me….i was gone mad writing that comment……..please……

  11. Ugh, dude. Could you stop trolling already, please?

    I don’t even get what you were so upset about in the first place. What made you so mad to begin with? You don’t get to watch Captain Tsubasa as quickly as you’d like to? Anything else? Life okay? I imagine so, otherwise you wouldn’t get so upset over watching an anime since you’d have something actually important to care about.

    Kuroko is one of the two shows I do at Saizen (I work on Kuroko and Major). I released two episodes of it yesterday… just for you, lol.

    Anyway, take a chill pill, dude. Relax. It’s good for you. There’s lots of anime out there for you to watch.


    PS. Obligatory rules link: http://www.saizen-fansubs.com/rules/ <-- Please abide by these rules on the site. They were made for some very good reasons.

  12. ok thnx AMS ….sorry for my bitter words…..i am a student…..and new on internet……i have no knowledge about IT. bt when i googled i came to know what it can cost to do an act like that….sorry for that.. i hope u & sangofe will forgive me for this….i dnt wanna ruin my life….i will not do it again…i promise….pls forgive me….and dnt take any action against my comment…please

  13. Dude, chill. Just abide by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Basically, treat people like you’d like to be treated. Basic manners go a long way. It’s cool though. You’re not the first person on the internet to be a gigantic dick to us. No worries.

  14. wish i could take my words back sangofe…i regret for it…. i should have appreciated ur work as u r subbing my favourite show bt instead of that i abused…..really sorry sangofe….it will not happen again in future….considering a fan of CT & ur , u will pardon me ..i hope

  15. please reply once sangofe….i have been waiting for ur reply….please forgive me sir…..it will never happen again…God swear….Please reply once 🙁

  16. This guy must be Turkish. Since they have a dictator as their president, this guy gets scared from one little warning.

  17. @Somebody Please do not use this kind of expressions here. We actually had 2 Turkish guys working on Tsubasa, and one of them is still working with AMS. When you talk about anime, there are no nationalities, and people from all around the world are working together, so the viewers can enjoy Captain Tsubasa.

    @Anonymous You know, calling my colleagues names and demanding immediate release is extremely stupid. As an editor of the series, it’s I who decide when the episode is going to be released. I had actually one more episode ready for the release yesterday, but after I saw your idiotic messages, I specially asked Juggen to postpone the release until the next week. I felt that if we release the episode now, it’ll be like throwing pearls to the swine, especially after insulting my colleague, sangofe, who had done so much for this series.

    We all have put enormous amount of our free time so everyone would enjoy the series, demanding nothing in return. It should be a common sense not to write stupid remarks/demands, whereas a simple “thank you” would suffice.

  18. i accept my mistake sir @ konnakude……pardon me for this sir…..please ….. it will not happen ever again……i know u deserve appreciation for ur work bt instead i did wrong. really sorry. pardon me @ sangofe

  19. Anonymous, be sure to destroy your keyboard and mouse, and perhaps your phone too. I’m pretty sure that will help you refrain from commenting. :>

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