Slam Dunk – 01-26 Batch


Possibly the last releases of Slam Dunk from yours truly. It’s been great fun, and I think it’s sad to stop where we’re at, but without more translations we can’t keep going any longer. Not all hope is lost though(!), there’s still a small chance left we’ll be back.

Anyway… It’s been a bumpy ride and we haven’t been especially fast, but I love this show and I’d like to end by saying:

Thanks for the ride.

Slam Dunk – 23-24


So, Rukawa is pissed, want to find out why? No? Sure you do, the links are down below. =)

On a more serious note, I plan to drop/stall this after episode 26, make a batch, work on some other shows, and hopefully continue this in a not too distant future.
It won’t be as Saizen then, though. No hard feelings, m’kay? We did our best up to this point.

Thanks for understanding.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Slam_Dunk_-_023_[DVD][24E7FF44].mkv
MD5: 41E33F7807540704517236A6DB3838A7
CCCP icon[Saizen]_Slam_Dunk_-_024_[DVD][357C79B3].mkv
MD5: 6CC8297DA038DF616D89F5BB273552D5

Slam Dunk – 22

Finally some more Slam Dunk. I’m unsure about how long we’ll keep subbing this show, though.
As you might have noticed, it’s quite slow. People come and go, and it’s a lot of work just keeping the project going.

We’ll continue till episode 26 at least, after that, we’re out of translations, so I’m not sure what to do then.
One plan is going Funnuraba, using Crunchyroll’s (I think) translations of the show, and do some fine-tuning on those. The other one is dropping it.
What makes me want to continue it is because it’s such an awesome show. Dropping because of lack of staff, it doesn’t bring many leechers/new staff, will take forever to finish in this pace.

Anyway, it’s not decided yet, so for now enjoy episode 22. ^^

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Slam_Dunk_-_022_[DVD][3472731B].mkv
MD5: FABF0EA78EFA5884D24FD270D7130FC5

Taisho 6 (BD)

What’s with the shocked faces… we never said we were going to drop it. On the contrary an awesome fan has aided us by providing the remaining BD episodes (thank you thank you thank you…) :). Let us all rejoice and commence with building a memorial in their name. Scratch that let’s just finish the series. So look forward to the remainder of the series; it won’t be fast, but slow and steady we’ll get to the finish line :P.

Also if you enjoyed our classic subs and are good with Japanese translations, we got some oldies just waiting to see the light of day if you can help.