Taisho – 06v2 (BD)

Since the motivation right now seems low, I decided we get this out to give you something.
Apparently there were a lot of inconsistencies in this episode, both in script and typesetting.
Hopefully all that got fixed with this release. ^^
Hope we can bring you episode 9 before the end of the year or something… >_>

17 thoughts to “Taisho – 06v2 (BD)”

  1. Sorry if it seemed to be rude by breaking the rule for asking it. But as you know there are thousand of thousand website’s rule on Internet. It is fairly impossible to read every single rule on every website I visited. Not that I think it is hard to do it but most of us usually don’t do it. But at least I don’t try to be a jerk on someone website.

    And thanks for the clarification, the real reason I was asking was because you know nowadays fansub just suddenly disappear on you for no reason.

  2. First off, thank you all for your effort toward translating anime into english. I wish I was in a position to learn Japanese just so that I could help out in situations like this. Next, this is not a post asking where the rest is. That does not matter to me, as much as, seeing the final work at some point. My purpose here is to inform you that some of us are still following your work on this show, and I want to encourage you not to listen to the complainers who take the fun out of your work. My hope is that by knowing some people appreciate your efforts, you will find the time to work on part of an episode here and there. I am not trying to rush your or pressure you. I simply want to encourage you. Again, thank you for all of your hard work and take care.

  3. People lost motivation over time. It’s still gonna get finished evetually though as it’s pretty much finished.

    Rude questions get rude answers and humble ones get humble answers. ^^

  4. Juggen, by “pretty much finished,” does that mean all those unreleased eps simply need QC-ing and they’re ready to be released?

  5. For those who don’t get it, it’s our general policy to not throw staff members under the proverbial bus by divulging where episodes are at (I mean… they’re our team members and we do this stuff as a team. Where’s the advantage in making a fellow team member look bad?). We tested out informing people of where in the process a project was a long time ago and found it had pretty much no effect on people asking about project statuses, so we stopped doing it and have no plans to do it again.

  6. Long time no see! How are you all doing?

    Does it mean the next update will be when all the episodes are finished then? Suppose that is the case, do you plan on releasing a complete batch?

  7. Just thought I’d say that people are still waiting for this. I am at least.Loved this anime and have been patiently waiting for your bluray batch to re-watch it. You can take your time but please just don’t give up. It will be a happy day when I check your site and see the post for the complete batch.

  8. Thanks. And your happy day might come sooner than what you might think. Might is a key word, though.

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