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  1. y there is no website for fansubbers to post in their needs? i guess its a gr8 idea, since i see los of people who want to be a part of a fansub keep requesting to famous fansubs and they turn them down due to their place being taken
    well this way a person can browse the website for fansubs truely in need and get a place which is not filled with no begging in it

    cuz people just keep requesting to famous fansubs like commie vivid whatever while theyre overfilled with staff
    im up to it if someone is interested in such an idea

  2. I’m not sure what you’re asking about, kayan? If you think Saizen is a group anyone can join, you’re sorely mistaken. We’re elitist and proud of it, and it takes quite some skill to pass our tests.

  3. I think kayan’s actually saying there should be a place where people can specifically go to bug fansub groups to sub certain series for them.

    Sounds like a terrible idea to me :S

  4. lol yeah his English is not the best. It sorta came out of nowhere, but I actually think he means a site who lists all groups in need of help, since people go to commie and such who aren’t in need of more staff. AnimeSuki had a topic like this on their forum back in the days, not sure if it’s still around. I haven’t used AnimeSuki for years, that’s for sure. ^^

    Found it:

  5. juggen just got it. have u ever been in ad sites or job finding sites?
    well this is a fansub version. you post the positions you need to have and people will browse and choose from them
    so all fansubs can equally recieve staff requests
    the website is not for anime request by any means
    its just for fansubbers to post their need , and people will browse and contact them

    so even if they flee, you wont need lots of time to beg people to join on ur own website (which in lots of time the people who should see, wont see it)

    i already made such a place, which is easy to use, ill grant access to fansub mods

    support me, its a gr8 idea!


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