Attack on Titan – OAD 1

Hey guys, we’ve got the old band back together for one last reunion tour (except for maybe the second Titan special, out mid-Feb apparently, which might be our encore!) and subbed this little beauty for you. For anyone who watched the series of Attack on Titan, this OAD is a must, slotting nicely between the fall of Shiganshina and the Battle of Trost, but don’t worry, it’s not all boring exposition – you get to see this guy who has a few tricks up his sleeve previously unseen by our heroes. Watch it now to find out what they are!

Oh, and on a more technical note, we decided to run with the terminology we established in our doomed first episode release of AoT, filling in the blanks with smatterings of Crunchyroll terms (Aberrant, character names, etc) so that’s why some of our terms may be slightly different to what you’re used to. Though you’ll be happy to know that I did refrain from using “Eotens” πŸ˜‰

MD5: 92cef9fe0d99416b9c00c472745fcddb

8 thoughts to “Attack on Titan – OAD 1”

  1. Lol, look at the expression on the giant’s face. He’s probably like “I’m starving… must eat… humans”. πŸ˜‰

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