Laughing Salesman – 13

So apparently I’m doing this episode’s newspost! This episode of Laughing Salesman is about a chap who wants to get better at golf so he can show up those mean work colleagues of his. But let me tell you, golf isn’t an easy game, not by a long shot! It’s an enjoyable enough walk though (when it’s not raining, which it does a lot in the UK)… Anyway, I digress. Go watch the episode and as an encore, visit our partners-in-crime, Live-Evil!


<E_B|Slp18> Finally a sports-related Salesman ep
<E_B|Slp18> Now it is a very Saizen project lol

I expect this episode to get record downloads 😉

CCCP icon[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_13_[DVD][381E5159].mkv
MD5: 5f97383c9a9f7c47ea26ea21ebaa0ccf

Gundam-san – 01

Surprise, surprise! Saizen is getting its feet wet with another mecha (sorta?) anime! Mobile Suit Gundam-san parodies the original series of the same name sans the ‘-san’, that aired in 1979. The gag anime is based off a yonkoma still serialized in the monthly Gundam Ace magazine.

What better time than our 10th anniversary as a fansub to work on this show, as it’s also Gundam’s 35th anniversary! This is a big year for the Gundam franchise with Unicorn already out, two TV series and an OVA series in autumn, and now this. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this little project, and hope you all enjoy the ride with us whilst you await the rest of the series this year.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_01_[720p][2486E40B].mkv
MD5: 5a44e18f1b9f28a925c187a61ec3b4b4

Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers Season 1, Volume 6 [Blu-Ray][1080p] & [720p]

bloopers vol6

Hey, everyone!  AMS here with some more Kuroko for you.  How’s your summer been?  Since we finished up Volume 6 last week with the release of ep17, here’s the Volume 6 Bloopers for you.  Enjoy!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_Bloopers_S1_Vol_6_[1080p][E00519F5].mkv
MD5: 84097e21800adb405d2285e6fabc3b43