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  1. I just came to point out two mistakes I noticed. The “popular phrase” is wrong, it should be “You hit me twice”. And when Amuro talks about Matilda at the cave she’s already dead at that point in the series so he should be speaking in past tense. These mistakes are in the scanlated manga too, so my first tought was that this wasn’t actually translated by you guys.
    Anyway, there’s already people translating it and releasing their stuff earlier so I was wondering why did you bother.

  2. I’m sure the translator will be along shortly, but I can tell you for definite that we don’t read the scanlated manga (or even refer to it). If there’s an error with the tense, then it’s in the audio – and probably the original manga. Feel free to complain to the animation studio for this indiscretion :p

    With things like the popular phrase, I believe we’ve been cross-referencing these with the original audio and the official dub for those lines, though as I say, the translator should be able to tell you more on that.

    And as a group, we’ve always been about quality over speed. It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference that someone’s releasing faster than us 🙂

  3. In addition to what I said above, our TL has informed me that the FAMOUS phrase is taken from Mobile Suit Gundam, ep9 @ 13:49. He also said that, while Matilda dies in the anime, she apparently doesn’t in the manga (or it’s assumed she survives, at the very least). And as this anime and the manga taken from it are based on the MANGA of Gundam, it’s not actually a mistake at all, but a difference in adaptations.

    As you might have guessed from our replies, there are a number of Gundam fans working on our releases for this 😉

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