Gundam-san – 01

Surprise, surprise! Saizen is getting its feet wet with another mecha (sorta?) anime! Mobile Suit Gundam-san parodies the original series of the same name sans the ‘-san’, that aired in 1979. The gag anime is based off a yonkoma still serialized in the monthly Gundam Ace magazine.

What better time than our 10th anniversary as a fansub to work on this show, as it’s also Gundam’s 35th anniversary! This is a big year for the Gundam franchise with Unicorn already out, two TV series and an OVA series in autumn, and now this. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this little project, and hope you all enjoy the ride with us whilst you await the rest of the series this year.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Gundam-san_01_[720p][2486E40B].mkv
MD5: 5a44e18f1b9f28a925c187a61ec3b4b4

4 thoughts to “Gundam-san – 01”

  1. “Saizen does not care to acknowledge the mistake of one’s youth!”

    “Saizen’s speed is 3 times faster than the average Gundam.”

    *Bright slaps Saizen.*

  2. Thanks! I thought I saw it 2 weeks earlier, interesting to see a re-release. Maybe other groups will do v2s too just to see who can make the most ep1 clones, looking forward to it.

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