Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers Season 1, Volume 6 [Blu-Ray][1080p] & [720p]

bloopers vol6

Hey, everyone!  AMS here with some more Kuroko for you.  How’s your summer been?  Since we finished up Volume 6 last week with the release of ep17, here’s the Volume 6 Bloopers for you.  Enjoy!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_Bloopers_S1_Vol_6_[1080p][E00519F5].mkv
MD5: 84097e21800adb405d2285e6fabc3b43

16 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers Season 1, Volume 6 [Blu-Ray][1080p] & [720p]”

  1. Dhruv please dont be a pain in the ass, these guys have their own lives as well u know, when u sleep ur ass off on the weekends or have dine-outs these guys sub for us our fav animes, so please stop acting like a jerk and be reasonable.

  2. Uh, you do realise this series aired a while ago now (and wasn’t exactly undersubbed at the time). If you wanna go watch a diff version, go ahead, mi amigo, but Saizen speeds up for no man (or woman or child) XD

  3. Dhruv: I, one of the qcr’s on the project, just had my my pc stopping working. I need to send it to warranty. You’ll probably need to wait a month because I don’t have any ways of subbing HD content. Like FalseDawn said, you could watch next episode elsewhere.

  4. Oh, wow, someone’s actually this excited for the next ep from us? Cool. I’m happy to see there are people out there that are enjoying the show that much =)

    Unfortunately, it’s been taking a bit, but don’t worry. All the eps are being worked on. I just finished up the scripts to the end of S1 this week! It’ll still be a bit (Sorry, but I can’t really make an accurate guess right now as to how long it’ll be) before they’re all done, but progress is being made 🙂

    If you can’t wait and have to watch them online, we understand 🙂 Glad you’re loving the show!

  5. Last time I checked, nobody’s stopping you Dhruv. I for one would be happy if you did, since that means we have one less guy always complaining.

  6. Firstly, in my response a bit of rough stats exclusively for kuroko:
    20 weeks, 17 episodes. Almost an episode a week. Had this speed been maintained for 2-3 episodes, it would have been unreasonable on my part to ask for the next release. But this has been the speed since the initiation of the project which prompted me to ask.
    Now, specific responses:

    @SaizenFan: Who are you? Read my above response and gfy.

    @FalseDawn: Like i said, i was going along with the average speed of releases for this. I don’t want to watch another version, only the bluray, subbed by you guys. I can wait if i know how much longer.

    @sangofe: Understandable, good luck with the warranty.

    @AMS: Nah, i want bluray not the online thing. It’s been a while since i found any anime series this good. I like the sports genre a lot, have watched touch, cross game, hungry heart etc.:)

    @Juggen: I ain’t complaining, just asking.

  7. Um, actually, it’s been 17 episodes in 15 weeks plus the 6 bloopers volumes we’ve released. We started releasing this show on April 7th. As you can see, it has been over an ep a week.

    As far as your “right” to ask for the next release… You have no such thing (see: http://www.saizen-fansubs.com/rules/). I answered you calmly and gave you more info than we usually do to attempt to diffuse the cluster fuck before it started (but it still happened :p). At the same time, you’re in violation of rules #1 (don’t ask when we’re gonna have whatever release) and #5 (don’t be a jerk… ie. telling someone to go fuck themselves). Please keep this in mind in the future.

    As far as the project itself goes, progress is continuing to be made on a number of episodes and everyone will see the fruits of these efforts in the future. As to when that future is, I can’t give an accurate estimate right now, but there’ll most probably be an explosion of episodes when they start coming out again. Glad you’re enjoying the releases!

  8. @Dhruv

    >Come on, release the next episode already.

    That doesn’t sound like a question to me. That sounds like someone who is impatient and doesn’t realise how much work it is for us to produce subs in our free time.

    >Nah, i want bluray

    Did your parents never teach you that “I want doesn’t get”? You said that you’d watch it online if we didn’t “release the next episode already” – we pointed out that you are free to watch what you like.

    >I can wait if i know how much longer.

    I don’t care if you can wait or you can’t. Your patience (or lack of) is mutually exclusive to how fast we sub anything.

    So enjoy your wait 😀

  9. I know where you guys can get the blurays and dvd’s for next volumes.
    I don’t watch the show, but contact me if you wanted to.

  10. Thanks! We have all the S1 Blu-Rays already. I got them all back in April 🙂

    I figure they’re the S1 Blu-Rays (they showed up on networks a couple months after I got them all >_>), but are any of them S2 Blu-Rays? I’d be really interested in those 😉

  11. I’m a member in a private Asian tracker.
    They usually upload all sorts of Japanese anime dvds and blurays.
    They’re usually never found outside the tracker, but not all stuff are for anime.

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