Beast Saga – 18

Beast Saga - 18
Summer Special #13!

Lucky number 13 of this insane release spree sees the beasts back on our screens again. And as summer is the time for sunshine, love and all-round friendliness, make sure to take some time out in your busy days to hug your fellow beasts humans, like Ogre and Billsword here. At least, I hope that’s what they’re doing… Wait, where’s Ogre’s hand going? And that grin of pleasure on Billsword’s face… Oh my! Cover the children’s eyes! >.<

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Miyuki – 26

Miyuki - 26

Summer Special #9!


We didn’t forget about this one either. =) Hope you have been enjoying or Summer Special so far. ^^

Also, I realized most some of you don’t know when our birthday is. On the 9th of July, Saizen turns 10 (at least if we count since our very first release). =) So what this release special means, is constant releases for over a week more. ^^ Get hyped!

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