6 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 94”

  1. That pic where the ball hits him in the stomach describes the US’s goalkeeper after losing to Belgium.

  2. Cool ‘n all, but could you please not talk about the world cup football results here before a couple of days after :)? I’ve got a baby daugther and have to sleep when she does, and she does it early, meaning if I wanna watch the matches, I gotta do so in replay. I’d appreaciate this tons if you guys could not do that 🙂

  3. If you’re in the US, sangofe, it would be impossible for you to have not heard about it via the Internet or Cable TV.

    Regardless, I will honor your request. I only thought it was safe to mention the results of matches since the Round of 16 matches have concluded at least a day ago.

  4. Couldn’t help but read that last line in a dirty context… Laughing Salesman innuendos rubbing off on CT now 😛

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