The Kabocha Wine dropped

This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to those of you who’ve been waiting for ep7 since September, but this joint is dropped as AKF unfortunately no longer has time to translate. If you happen to know Japanese and want to revive this, feel free to drop me a line here or on Rizon and we may be able to get things going again. Until then though, this project is positively dead.

New Project

Good news for the Yawara fans out there:
We are planning to sub Yawara starting with episode 59. We found a motivated team for this project but we still need the Japanese DVD isos before we can start. Everyone is eager to start but sadly we cant until we get the isos. If anyone happens to have them or knows where to get them, please let us know.

Moshidora – 04

This episode is about Nikai and his magical glasses.

The crashing issue has also (finally) been resolved once and for all; get v3’s and v2’s further down the page. No patches this time around, for practical reasons (read: due to the way Windows generates thumbnails, patching the old files wasn’t necessarily safe on a vulnerable system. Trash what you have and get a fresh v3 (ep1-2) or v2 (ep3).).

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Moshidora_04_[1131CD6B].mkv
MD5: 3f6934a3fb1883b01afce8b26ef6f598

Moshidora 03 & patches

Another day, another episode of Moshidora. This time, it’s all about getting the most out of training.

For those of you who experienced crashing issues with episodes 1 and 2, there are also patches for those. You don’t need to get them if the files worked fine for you.

Contrary to some testing reports we got, the issue appears to remain unresolved. There will be v3’s once we got this sorted once and for all.

Ep3v2 with this issue fixed linked below. See this post for ep1v3 and ep2v3.

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Moshidora_03v2_[F5B5DDA5].mkv
MD5: 82e3006fc034d8db33c3bd1b61b591b6