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Good news for the Yawara fans out there:
We are planning to sub Yawara starting with episode 59. We found a motivated team for this project but we still need the Japanese DVD isos before we can start. Everyone is eager to start but sadly we cant until we get the isos. If anyone happens to have them or knows where to get them, please let us know.

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  1. Good to hear, I hope you locate the DVD/isos soon. Thanks for planning to start with ep 59 as well (where Live-eviL and Froth-Bite left off).

  2. Does anyone have a link to episode 58? All the info I was able to find has said that they only subbed up to 57.

  3. did you translate those? where those translated from spanish to english? what kind of video source was used?

  4. Xavicat14
    I got the scripts from the dubbed catalan version, I translated them into english and then I added them to the video.
    Sent to: sangofe


    Here you have available all the raws in a dual audio version catalan / original japanese.

    I got the scripts from the catalan dubbed version (episodes 58 upwards ) and I translated them the best way I could into english, I uploaded the whole series in youtube with the english subtitles attached.

    I know there are a lots of mistakes and the catalan version is quite different from the japanese (in Spain when they dub something they also make up stuff and change a lot of things…. so, If somebody is capable of making a clear translation of the original japanese version, you can use the audio 2 from the raws from the link.

    Thank you very much.

  6. thank you but since you can speak spanish…can i ask you to ask the person who released the dual audio.avi’s if he could give us the dvd iso’s? that would be great 😉 we could do a much better job with those

  7. The audio is dual, audio 1 is in catalan, audio 2 is in original japanese

    You need to use some program like media player classic or VLC media player, then just go to audio, audio track, and change it to japanese.

    If you use the windows media player it will be always in catalan audio because that one is the default.

    You also can use Any video converter to modify the file and erase the audio 1 and have a video with only the original japanese audio.

  8. yes. we know how to do that. but if we use the original source that guy used we could encode better quality…every time you encode you lose details and quality. he encoded it once so if we encode it again we would lose even more quality. thats why we are trying to get the dvd iso’s to make the best possible releases we can ^^

  9. I really don’t know anynone who has the dvd iso’s, the current page is already dead, nobody is there, the project was more than 5 years ago and I only know that it was made by three people using the catalan audio and adding it to the raw japanese. I will try to ask in other catalan anime pages if somebody knows, but I don’t think I will get anywhere.

  10. No, there are no DVDs in Spain, they used the japanese DVDs, and they added the catalan audio dubbed version to the original japanese video to create a dual version. I asked around and nobody has the raws DVD isos.

  11. I searched after Yawara on Russian sites and the only thing I found was the link to Japanese auction where Yawara cost 20,000 Yen. Yahoo auction lot nr f104525201.

  12. Oh ye gods do I hope you at Saizen get raws for this!

    An English fansub is up at Nyaa for the end… but the subs are shitty on every level, timing, typesetting and translation!

    I know it’s bad to slag off someone’s work, but whoever did it needs to make friends with some English speakers to QC…

    I wish I could offer to help or donate, but since I can’t I’ll just say this:

    A Saizen fansub of Yawara would, in terms of win, be roughly equivalent to finding a quarter of weed… only the pleasure would last a lot longer! ;D

  13. An Junglist:

    Those are the subs that Xavicat14 did, and they noted they were working from the Catalan dub, not the original Japanese, so the dialog was very different.

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