Moshidora 03 & patches

Another day, another episode of Moshidora. This time, it’s all about getting the most out of training.

For those of you who experienced crashing issues with episodes 1 and 2, there are also patches for those. You don’t need to get them if the files worked fine for you.

Contrary to some testing reports we got, the issue appears to remain unresolved. There will be v3’s once we got this sorted once and for all.

Ep3v2 with this issue fixed linked below. See this post for ep1v3 and ep2v3.

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Moshidora_03v2_[F5B5DDA5].mkv
MD5: 82e3006fc034d8db33c3bd1b61b591b6

11 thoughts to “Moshidora 03 & patches”

  1. What does “crashing” mean?
    Ive got broken frames, but VLC didnt crash…?

    Will the frames be alright after applying the patches?

  2. Broken frames sounds like a weightp or hardware acceleration issue. Should be a different issue. Make sure you’re running the latest version of VLC, if you absolutely have to use that (not recommended) video player.

  3. Mave, make sure it’s not crashing from the v1 file, such as from rendering a thumbnail for it when browsing the folder you have it in. You can get the v2 fresh from the v2 torrents linked in the opening post now.

  4. What player should i use then?
    VLC is the only one I tried which hardware accelerates correctly + audio over SPDIF works.

  5. Played 1-2 just fine, then crashed the moment i tried to open 3. Now 2 crashes and i am not going to test 1 (using mpc)

    Kinda impressive have been running my new computer on windows 7 64 bit without a single bsod for the last 4 months…. well until now.

  6. Am I correct in that the BSOD was due to MS in their way of handling certain types of font files and it would only effect those users who didn’t keep Windows updated with the latest releases. See

    If so, could you consider releasing patches for 1v3, 2v3 and 3v2 for those of us who want to don’t want to download the entire files yet again but would like to maintain the latest version (to help seed in the future for example).


  7. I can’t say for sure that it’s that specific bug, but it seems plausible given only some people experience the problem. I don’t think we’ll be doing patches. You’re welcome into #saizen on Rizon to get the files from a bot to minimize bandwidth usage.

  8. OK. I never actually had any BSOD issues with any of your Moshidora releases so there doesn’t seem a real need for me to download the entire eps 1 to 3 to replace the earlier v1 or v2 releases.

    I upgraded eps 1 and 2 to 1v2 and 2v2 using your patch and they didn’t BSOD, neither did ep 3. Will therefore watch those.

    One of the main reasons I requested the patch was so others in a similar position as I am could help seed the corrected versions (not just now but maybe in several months time). Seems such a waste to have to download the entire ep yet again to correct something that I didn’t have an issue with in the first place 🙂 so I was hoping for a further patch as an alternative.

    Scab, thanks to you, Saizen and Frostii for subbing Moshidora and for the fixes you have provided.

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