Tezuka Osamu’s Buddha – 01 (BD)

Prince of Tennis - Movie (2011)

Was hoping to get FalseDawn write you one of those awesome news posts, but it seems like you’ll have to do with my shitty one. ^^

So we started another joint with our friends over at Ruri… quite a while ago actually, as by Saizen standards. lol j/k

Anyways, this is gonna be a movie triology, but there is very little information on the remaining movies, except for the second movie to be in cinemas next winter.

The movie trilogy will be an adaption of the late Tezuka Osamu’s manga, Buddha. (Seriously, didn’t need a genius to figure that one out, did it? ^^) The first movie features the life of the young prince Siddhartha, who will later be known as Buddha “the Enlightened One,” the founder of Buddhism.

We chose to work with the raw provided by QTS, which looks really damn good if you ask me. Other than that, expect the same high quality you’re used to be getting from yours truly. 😉

Taisho – 07 (BD)

So I’m sorta/maybe/perhaps/hopefully back again, and will be able to bring you those releases that have just been waiting there for me to finish up, all this time.
At least I got my Master’s degree now, so haters gtfo. 🙂
About Taisho, I guess we will be working on this till the grave, but at least we did an attempt to at least get this one episode out, hopefully more will follow (with less than 2 years delay). Maybe no one still cares about this (I don’t blame you), but we’ll still try to see this one through.
You might notice the signs being slightly different than usually etc, since I had to redo the logo and titles.

Love and Peace!

Koe de Oshigoto – 01


After massive stalling the first episode is finally out! Not like it really matters, since by the looks of it, this show will be released with about the same speed as Hellsing Ultimate, so it’s next to impossible not being able to keep up with it.

Unless you’ve got something against borderline hentai shows, please enjoy.

PS. Yes, we know that the 1080p is an upscale. If you don’t like that, don’t download it.

Taisho 6 (BD)

What’s with the shocked faces… we never said we were going to drop it. On the contrary an awesome fan has aided us by providing the remaining BD episodes (thank you thank you thank you…) :). Let us all rejoice and commence with building a memorial in their name. Scratch that let’s just finish the series. So look forward to the remainder of the series; it won’t be fast, but slow and steady we’ll get to the finish line :P.

Also if you enjoyed our classic subs and are good with Japanese translations, we got some oldies just waiting to see the light of day if you can help.