Kuroko’s Basketball 04 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]

kuroko ep4 newspost pic

So here’s another Friday and here’s another episode of Kuroko’s Basketball on Blu-Ray for all you fans out there.  In this episode, the game between Kaijo and Seirin rages on with Kagami convinced that Kuroko is the key to defeating Kise.  Is that truly the case?  Is Kuroko all they will need to come out on top?  If you haven’t seen it, grab it quick and find out!  And, if you have seen it, grab it anyway because it looks way better redone in Blu-Ray quality 😉

18 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball 04 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]”

  1. Too bad you guys didn’t get A+ for this (atleast yet). Then this would surely get more publicity and downloads.
    Hope you guys keep doing this nevertheless of how many download it. I’ll be waiting for your next release. Thank you very much!

  2. Oh, I didn’t even know about that. Yeah, I guess that’d be nice. It doesn’t really matter either way. It sounds really egotistical, but it’s not like anyone is going to do anything better 😛

  3. @shizu
    It would be an insult to get an “A+” status as long as commie’s releases get the same status. It’s incredibly biased.

  4. lol, yeah, juggen, I’ll take that. Like I said, it sounds really egotistical.

    Thing is, I was trying to look at it pragmatically. I really don’t think anyone better is going to put in all the effort for the minimal amount of improvement they could achieve. On top of that, the small number of people who could, don’t have the blu-rays, and I highly doubt anyone is going to get them besides us. They’ve been out for almost a year now and no one has bothered with this.

  5. sangofe, I really didn’t even know that was a thing, lol. We were subbing before nyaa was even a thing. I think that excludes us from caring about something like that :p

  6. Yeah too bad you guys don’t belong to their “circle” so no chance for blue lol.
    Anyway, this is completely unrelated but I remember getting your Eyeshield releases way back in 2007-2008 I think. You guys really been subbing since forever.. Happy too see that Saizen is still going strong.

  7. I was working on Eyeshield 21 from probably sometime in 2006 until its last release on Dec. 31, 2007. I was the last project leader for it too, lol. Man, I’m old. juggen and company took over from 2008-2009 if I remember correctly. It’s thanks to all those guys that Saizen is still around.

  8. Thank you guys for always being the best when it comes to subbing. I’ve followed all of you since the beginning. It really is a pleasure to see Saizen continuing on. Welcome back by the way, AMS!

  9. Thank you for the Kurobas episodes so far! Saizen has always been my group of choice for sports anime – no matter which initial fansub I watch, if you guys release something, it’ll be the version that I will archive for sure. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  10. /waves his hand in an Alec Guiness fashion at juggen…

    I don’t know anything about Funnuraba. They had nothing to do with us. I have no idea where they got their first scripts too 😛

    @Lilsparky & Ice Archeress,

    thanks! Hopefully we’ll be able to pound these out relatively quickly! We may have something else we’re working on too. Stay tuned 😉

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