Kuroko’s Basketball 03 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]

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Oh, did you think Saizen was done for the day with our release of the Attack on Titan OAD?  Au contraire, mon frère.  Not only did we release an OAD based off the 2nd highest selling manga in Japan last year, but here’s episode 3 on Blu-Ray of the 3rd highest selling manga in Japan last year.  Enjoy.

This episode sees us start the game between Seirin and Kaijo.  Exciting things are bound to happen, but who’s this guy jump kicking Kise in the head from behind and why is he doing it?

13 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball 03 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]”

  1. When I play this episode without subtitles its fine but when I enable subtitles at the time 02:47 a box in the middle of the screen pops up saying “MPC-HC – Mini Dump, Failed to create dump file to…” the show still plays but the subtitles disappear and once I click OK on the pop up it then says says “MPC-HC player has stopped working Close program”. I tried playing the episode with VLC player and it plays that section fine then once it reaches 3:00 it pauses then at 3:05 it starts playing but has has artifacts up till 3:11. I thought I downloaded a corrupt version, so I downloaded it again same thing happened and then I tried on my laptop and same thing, any ideas guys?

  2. Okay so I had to roll back all the way to version “MPC-HC.1.7.1.x86” and theirs no artifacts or pausing anymore however the subtitles don’t show up from the time 03:01 – 03:11, is it just me?

  3. What I typically do when something is off is re-install CCCP and re-register all filters (option after the installation is over). If you don’t already use CCCP, I suggest you give it a try. ^^

  4. Hey, ss2. You should come visit us in our irc channel on Rizon, #Saizen. It seems like you have a lot of questions, so it’s simply a lot easier for me to answer them all there rather than individually answering every single one here as they pop up.

    Please feel free to contact me over irc. My nick is Seiyou_AMS.

  5. Hey, AMS sure sorry about creating a mess on the forums…

    @ juggen MPC-HC player is default settings, when u said CCCP I installed it and left everything normal and clicked reset settings, and the problem till happened.

    I’ll jump on IRC and see if they can help me fix the problem!

    Cheers guys

  6. No worries, dude. You’re not really creating a mess or anything. You’ve just been asking for a load of info recently and I get the impression that you have a lot more questions. So rather than asking them 1 by 1 here, you can load up and ask them all to me over irc 🙂

  7. It’s no big deal. I’m always willing to help someone who behaves reasonably 🙂 All of us were beginners who got some help at one point or another after all 😉

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