Captain Tsubasa Needs You!



P.S. And another TL might be nice too!

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10 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa Needs You!”

  1. hey fellas 😀 i have a question about Captain Tsubasa

    I am translating with the help of a friend CT 1983 as you are also, but here in Brazil it is much more difficult to do a decent job without knowing Japanese! I want to know if they could send us scripts in English or even subtitles in format .ass or .srt
    It will be of great help to make available it for us 😀

    Already we thank you all for the excellent work they are doing with all these projects and apologize for any grammatical error in the English 😛

    a big hug of two Brazilian Tsubasa fans

  2. Sam Batista, there are millions of people of Japanese descent in Brazil, so I find it hard to believe that there isn’t at least one person there who could translate from Japanese to Brazilian Portuguese.

  3. sorry for bothering you all. I prefer ask you first and then STOLE your job after 😀

    I’ll extract all the subs right now as ninjacloud said in the top coment… and one more time Tnx from all brazilian Tsubasa fans!

  4. Um, it’s not our “job” to release standalone subtitle files. We’ve never done that in our over 10-year history (How many other groups do you know that have been around that long?).

    As this is the internet, once we release an episode, people are free to rip the subs and do whatever they want with the files. I’m not sure how everyone else in the group feels about this, but the only thing I kind of ask of people is that they don’t call it a “Saizen” release when they put out whatever they put (and possibly say that what they’re doing is based off our previous work… but that’s not 100% necessary in my opinion). Nevertheless, this is the internet, and people don’t even really have to do that.

    All the best to you and g’luck with your endeavors, Sam 🙂

  5. Hi, sorry if you don’t want a comment like this here, but I have submitted the Form on the join page to try and join as a QC, as well as left a comment on the “In dire need…” post but still haven’t heard anything back.

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