Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers Season 1, Volume 2 [Blu-Ray][1080p] & [720p]

bloopers vol2

Hey everyone, it’s just past midnight for me, so it’s technically Friday now and we got some more Kuroko for you guys.  Here’s the second volume of bloopers.  These bloopers were included in the volume 2 blu-ray and are from episode 3 and episode 5 I believe but don’t hole me to it :p  Check it out!

And… hey, how come way more people downloaded the first bloopers volume than any of the episodes?  Does anyone have any ideas?

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_Bloopers_S1_Vol_2_[1080p][23AF3973].mkv
MD5: beacdc90df61d8651ebb944d2d5dc1c1

7 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball Bloopers Season 1, Volume 2 [Blu-Ray][1080p] & [720p]”

  1. If you guys don’t mind. Can you tell me the fonts you use for the OP Song and ED Song for Kuroko?

  2. “We don’t work for …. like ….”
    fill in the blank, one of the questions we see with every release.

    btw .. I doubt anyone will know the true meaning there, but I liked to post it though.

  3. @Trantor

    Dude, I have absolutely no idea what is going on with Miyuki. None. I don’t work on it. Does it look like I do? Have I, AMS, ever released Miyuki?

    It looks like they erased your comment on their website because I see nothing under your name there. It’s probably because you’re being really rude, pushy, and demanding (see sangofe telling you to read the rules).

    On top of that, this is for Kuroko not Miyuki. I believe the title of this would be a dead giveaway for that. I guess you didn’t read it.

    Things will come out when they come out. It is as it has always been.

    Did you like Kuroko? I worked really hard on it :p

  4. ninjacloud, I love you. And Trantor, fuck you. =) You’re either trolling or are a huge asshole, none better than the other. :/

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