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  1. That’s what I thought, too, but then there’s talk about a “new source”. Has there been a remaster or something?

  2. The special selection DVDs are bundled with some new edition of the manga or something and contain remastered, pillarboxed 16:9 episodes. They’re probably working on a BD box.
    Also that screencap looks a lot worse than the new encode for some reason? http://a.pomf.se/bibcrf.png

  3. This surprised me for a moment when I saw the post. More Yawara!?! But nope, just a higher quality one-shot of episode 1. Ah well, good job anyway. 🙂

  4. Just too bad that you’re not redoing earlier episodes because LE encoded at some point with warppoints. This makes it impossible to watch on a hardware-based media player without re-encoding them.

    It’s a real pain like all those 10bit encodes a lot groups do from 8bit sources (DVD and BD).

  5. New technology at the cost of compatibility and flexibility for the people who try to watch the encodes. DVD and BD is 8bit encoded and there’s really no need or reason to recode to 10bit. It’s like re-encoding a 320kbit mp3 to lossless FLAC and call it HD audio.

  6. No, it’s not. It’s not about boosting quality, but compressing the video so the file size gets smaller. It’s like making a 10gb avi file into a 2gb mkv file with the exact same quality. You mistake this for upscaling, when it’s simply an encoding option.

  7. @juggen
    Smaller file size ? It sounds like justifying something pointless. Just look at your 10bit Captain Taubasa encodes. They become bigger compared to your previous 8bit encodes and i really see no difference in quality at all. Even if i check the releases of other groups, most of those 10bit encodes became not smaller but bigger in file size.

    What could be the point in messing around with the way the original source is ? Professional encoders try to save the quality of the original source and not just messing around with it. But what are you trying too tell me with this ? What a person in charge of the encoding job can do or not does have absolutely nothing to do with 8bit or 10bit. Most of thise encoders just play around annd even remove the original grain and make the picture quality even worse.
    Look at ZX just for example… what they did with Evangelion Reneval was pure magic. The old DIVX encodes still look way better compared to all later h264 encodes from R1 DVD sources.

    10bit will not be outputted to a display directly and that’s the reason why there’s no hardware decoding and never will be. It will never become a standard like it happen to h264. You need a powerful CPU to decode and change back to 8bit or the display will show onnly blocky picture. All those hardware-based players out there are using a simple video processor and will never have processing power left to do it. So who do you think is watching all those fansubs ? Only kids who watch anime on a PC ? Years ago i was happpy about the change to h264 but because i knew it will be supported in the future for sure. 10bit is just a stand still and will only force a lot people like me to waste a lot of time with pointless recoding. All this just because of people who just do something because it’s new without thinking about it for a moment and not because there’s a real need for this.

  8. If you would stop for a minute and think, you’d realize compressing the same video with one bad method and one efficient method, can either leave you with two files of different file size and same quality, or two videos with same file size and different quality, as the video encoded with the efficient method can hold more information, and therefore stay closer to the original source.
    As you might know, a DVD is about 4.3 GB, and usually contain about three or so episodes. Our releases are what, 200 mb?
    Also, just because you see no difference doesn’t mean it’s a fact. Maybe you are unable to, others might not be. 🙂
    “It will never become a standard like it happen to h264”, that’s what people said about h264 and mkv too. It’s pointless arguing, this is what we and many others will keep doing. It’s unfortunate that you can’t play these files on your TV or whatever, but neither is that our problem. ^^

  9. Fansubbers have always used the latest technology open to them. I was subbing in the days when h264 .mkv was just coming into use and the outcry from fans was enormous. You only have to go and look at some 2006/2007 series on MAL to see how many people downvoted groups just for using the .mkv container. Now, it’s the standard across the board.

    Also, please note that as a group, we’ve only ever catered for PC playback. If hardware devices and tablets haven’t kept up, then that’s not our problem (especially considering how easy it is to hook your PC up to things like TVs nowadays with just a cable or even remote access). So the “lack of compatibility for other devices” has never crossed our minds when producing fansubs.

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