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bloopers vol1

Hey everyone, AMS here.  It’s another Friday and while we don’t have episode 5 of Kuroko’s Basketball quite ready for you yet, we managed to get the first volume of bloopers done for you.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, allow me to inform you.  On each disc for “Season 1” of Kuroko’s basketball, there were a couple short “blooper” scenes made from the episodes on its corresponding disc that are kind of funny.  Think of them as outtakes or “what ifs”.  They are supposed to be funny.  This one is from Volume 1 and covers episodes 1 and 2.  Anyway, I hope you like them, and we’ll be releasing these as we go along. Enjoy!

Tsubasa has betrayed Nankatsu and joined Meiwa in order to play with Hyuga sooner! Or maybe he is Tsubasa’s long-lost evil twin brother?

In more serious news, Luurah from Luurah Productions saved Tsubasa from the treacherous Saizen kidnappers by helping us QC! Please give him a very warm welcome!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_86_[DVD][B6106F4C].mkv

And then, after keeping you guys waiting for so long, we finally reached the end of Line Offline: Salaryman. I think we can all agree it was a fun little series with plenty of laughs to be had, and even a nice sunset shot of the office personnel to finish it all off. As ever when it comes to final episodes of a show, we do a roll call of everyone who made this project possible:

Raw Provider: Badskater
Translator: Convexity
Timer: FAbian101, sm2345, ninjacloud and sangofe
Karaoke Timer: FAbian101
Editor: FalseDawn
Typesetter/Kara/All-round Badassery: Timescar
Encoder: Scab (pre-retirement), CharlieB
QC: Kuroiryuu

So thanks to everyone involved, especially Ruri Fansubs, without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Oh, and to answer questions before they inevitably get posed, we probably won’t be doing LineTown because 50 episodes at 25 minutes each is a bit of a slog that could probably be funnelled elsewhere into more exciting projects. And yes, blame me for the styling. I’m sorry ;___;


What is this… I don’t even… erm tl;dr notes and stuff at Soldado-Subs website.

We are recruiting QCs, drop by #saizen^, or leave a message at (Note: You will be tested, so brace yourself and good luck)

CCCP icon[SolZen]_Ninku_27_[2C056033].mkv
MD5: 3a4fd931df4b862b9e9015ee70f9d902

kuroko ep4 newspost pic

So here’s another Friday and here’s another episode of Kuroko’s Basketball on Blu-Ray for all you fans out there.  In this episode, the game between Kaijo and Seirin rages on with Kagami convinced that Kuroko is the key to defeating Kise.  Is that truly the case?  Is Kuroko all they will need to come out on top?  If you haven’t seen it, grab it quick and find out!  And, if you have seen it, grab it anyway because it looks way better redone in Blu-Ray quality 😉

kuroko ep3 newspost pic

Oh, did you think Saizen was done for the day with our release of the Attack on Titan OAD?  Au contraire, mon frère.  Not only did we release an OAD based off the 2nd highest selling manga in Japan last year, but here’s episode 3 on Blu-Ray of the 3rd highest selling manga in Japan last year.  Enjoy.

This episode sees us start the game between Seirin and Kaijo.  Exciting things are bound to happen, but who’s this guy jump kicking Kise in the head from behind and why is he doing it?

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