10 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 86”

  1. Much appreciated, Luurah!

    If you’re lucky, people might help you with your projects in return for your assistance.

  2. Konnakude said, “Actually, you never know… Since Luurah joined our team, perhaps some mechas will appear in Tsubasa…”

    *…and Char counterattacks down the flanks, dribbles past Tsubasa, and scores!!!!!!!!!!*


  3. Have you thought of including French and Spanish subs in these releases? After all, isn’t Captain Tsubasa big in them countries?

  4. And anyway, Anonymous, Captain Tsubasa is most likely already available in French, Spanish, and all countries where soccer is the most popular sport, which is basically everywhere.

    English is the only remaining language Tsubasa never got translated to, as a certain large English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere actively hates and looks down on the sport, and considers it a sport for Communists, foreigners, and homosexuals.

    I don’t share that opinion of the sport, before anyone says anything. I’m just saying that’s how soccer is viewed there.

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