Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 11 & Happy New Year!


This will be the last episode of the year 2013! It wasn’t meant to take this long, but shit happened, incl Christmas, and I finally moved in to my new apartment. ^^

I’d like to thank everybody who’s been supporting Saizen throughout all these years and any new fans, and next year we’ll be celebrating our 10th year in the fansubbing business. =) Thanks to all the staff who’s made it possible to stick around for this long, and somehow making us release more for each year that has gone. Thanks to all those who’s left us for their contribution while still being active. Thanks, everyone, for making fansubbing enjoying, and hope you’ll all have a nice evening and a happy new year! See ya in 2014! ^^

Releases 2013: 117 Eps, 3 Extras, 11 OVAs, 5 Movies, and 99 3-min Eps

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Mister Hitman: The Hired Gun (aka Koroshiya-san) 1-10 Complete

With these shorts about a hard and demanding life of a professional killer, we wish everyone

A Happy New Year!

Staff list:
Encoder and Raw Provider: CharlieB
Translators: sangofe, tenkenX6
Translation Checkers: tenkenX6, kokujin-kun.
Timer: sangofe
Editors: konnakude, may-chan.
Typesetters: Hybrid21, zegond.
Quality checkers: CP, kokujin-kun, limpakos and sangofe.
Karaoke: zegond.
Special thanks: kokujin-kun.
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Ashita no Joe – 68-69

Seems to me that them 2-3 episodes became 4. 😉 Find out who Joe’s new love interest(?) is and why he decided to quit boxing(?) and pick up his new career(?) as a farmer. ^^

I also hope some of you out there have a white Christmas Eve, we don’t, and that you get to eat lots of good food, get some nice presents, and have an overall good time with friends and family. And I hope you’ll return looking forward to new releases, not least Joe. ^^

Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

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H2 – 04


This is how you look chill, watching a baseball game. Take note, dudes.

I forgot to mention that there were two points that required a little translation note-ry in this episode.

04:34 Hikari, Kodama, Nozomi and Tsubasa are the names of the trains that serve Japan’s many, many commuters.
21:28 Here, they’re playing a word game that’s a favourite of lots of Japanese children (and anime scriptwriters, it seems) called Shiritori, which involves the second person saying a word that starts with the final syllable of the word the first person says. Technically, the game ends when someone says a word ending in ~n, but this game ends with baseball (yakyuu) to show that, for our heroes at least, baseball is the be all and end all [/deep]

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Attack on Titan – OAD 1

Hey guys, we’ve got the old band back together for one last reunion tour (except for maybe the second Titan special, out mid-Feb apparently, which might be our encore!) and subbed this little beauty for you. For anyone who watched the series of Attack on Titan, this OAD is a must, slotting nicely between the fall of Shiganshina and the Battle of Trost, but don’t worry, it’s not all boring exposition – you get to see this guy who has a few tricks up his sleeve previously unseen by our heroes. Watch it now to find out what they are!

Oh, and on a more technical note, we decided to run with the terminology we established in our doomed first episode release of AoT, filling in the blanks with smatterings of Crunchyroll terms (Aberrant, character names, etc) so that’s why some of our terms may be slightly different to what you’re used to. Though you’ll be happy to know that I did refrain from using “Eotens” 😉

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