Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 11 & Happy New Year!


This will be the last episode of the year 2013! It wasn’t meant to take this long, but shit happened, incl Christmas, and I finally moved in to my new apartment. ^^

I’d like to thank everybody who’s been supporting Saizen throughout all these years and any new fans, and next year we’ll be celebrating our 10th year in the fansubbing business. =) Thanks to all the staff who’s made it possible to stick around for this long, and somehow making us release more for each year that has gone. Thanks to all those who’s left us for their contribution while still being active. Thanks, everyone, for making fansubbing enjoying, and hope you’ll all have a nice evening and a happy new year! See ya in 2014! ^^

Releases 2013: 117 Eps, 3 Extras, 11 OVAs, 5 Movies, and 99 3-min Eps

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MD5: 4A82751DCD8CB6B8813E2F0698C3D264

22 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 11 & Happy New Year!”

  1. Thanks guys, happy new years. Take your time and have fun with it, will be worth waiting any amount for a good FroZen release. Personally I’m just gonna wait for the series to finish anyway, thinking this might be a good opportunity to rewatch from the very beginning.

    Always knew more HnI would inevitably get animated, am really happy to finally see it happen. And I’ll bet there will be more seasons to come, even if they take breaks in between.

  2. That makes rougly 150 episodes for this year with an episode averaging 23 minutes, that makes about 9,45 minutes of subbed anime per day, or if you will almost anime for the worth of 2,43 episode weekly.

  3. I’ve been around for a bunch of those years, and I just wanna say thanks for creating wonderful memories over the years. ganbatte!

  4. Wonder what happened to Sawamura’s shorts… they say “Caryl”, but his name is Ryuhei, and he’s from Toho Gym… I don’t see the connection here. At least they’re blue, the proper color for a challenger.

  5. Wish I could edit my comments! Looked it up, and yeah, “Caryl” is the gym’s name (the one Sawamura belongs to)!

  6. In the manga Sawamura’s shorts say Karil, but I guess here in the anime they changed the gym name to Caryl, I guess to avoid any trademark disputes with a fishing equipment company that also goes by the name of Karil.

  7. I’ve been following your releases for quite some time now, and when I don’t find any new sportive shônen, I just take a glimpse at your website, and always find something new and entertaining.

    Thank you for everything, and happy new year.

  8. Seriously guys, I owe you Buzzer Beater, Capeta, Major, Ippo, Joe, and so much more.
    Already 10 years, uh?! I’ve been around for 8, and I can’t express my gratitude as much as I would like to…

    I’m currently helping some french fansub team to translate Ippo Rising, and if they base their work on Horrible’s translation, I can’t help myself but rewrite almost everything, using your own releases.

    All the best for the starting year, and I wish you’ll still be in the fansub panorama for many years =)

  9. Wait… What?
    Almost all animes translated in french are based on an english translation (I’d say 90%, but that’s just a guess), and I don’t really believe such thing as a Captain Tsubasa would’ve been translated into french before english, but sure, if there is, why not.
    I’m french, tho, so I won’t really be able to judge the quality of your translation (it’s much easier for me to translate from english to french), but yeah, let’s give it a try 😉

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