Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 12-13


Time to grab the new episode of… EPISODES of Ippo. =) Apparently time goes backwards in Japan and we’re back a decennium to 2004 where double episodes was the norm. ^^ Watch the resolution of Makunouchi vs Sawamura, who will be the one getting crushed? *laugh* 😉

Enjoy and wish me luck on my first job!

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MD5: 51A8038628CCF345C0C7981B2807BB53
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MD5: BF9B3D24776DE6000C03FB15C38A15CB

10 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 12-13”

  1. Ah ! The ending of episode 12 just might top the dempsey roll against Sendou Takeshi in the first season. So wonderfully over the top 🙂

  2. When you said “time goes backwards” I thought we get to see the post-war past of the Coach and his buddy. Before release, that was rumored to be part of Rising. I could be wrong but hasn’t Rising already passed up that story line compared to the Manga?

  3. justsumdude
    they already skipped quite a lot of story content, which i find very sad, those flesh out the story and make you empathize with the characters and are often great change of pace. The world war 2 arc should’ve been at the beginning of this season, but if they did it right should last a few episodes, i think they opted not to do it at that point, and switched it with Ippo’s dad story in the timeline, cause of the length of the season being limited. But they have to show it before Ippo’s next fight even if it’s just part of it reference to his new move. Sad though, especially the ww2 arc is a very big and memorable part of the manga, you can’t just skip that.

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