Igano Kabamaru – 11

Igano and Shizune decide to join the WWE this week and lay waste to all opposition, until Wrestlemania rolls around yet again and the main event sees the two facing each other in a submission faceoff. Shizune gets in a few early clothes lines but after a game-changing suplex by Igano, he unleashes his fearsome arm-lock. This looks like the end of the line for Shizune’s wrestling career… or does it? Watch a completely unrelated eleventh episode of Igano Kabamaru now to (not) find out.

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Yawara – 71 & Batch

No more sittin' around!

[19:09] (Collectr) Take it away, Sqall-san
[19:26] (limpakos) mhm I second that ^^
[19:30] * Sqall pretends to shoot the ball but lets it through to Juggen
[19:32] (Sqall) creating the perfect shooting chance for Juggen. now its one on one with the keeper
[19:34] (Sqall) but Juggen is absendminded, so Sqall takes the ball back and goes to mux it
[19:34] * limpakos wears his referee shirt and whistles offside...
[19:35] (Sqall) aww
[19:39] (Sqall) the opposing teamis keaping the ball tightly for the next for minutes (downloading)
[19:39] (Sqall) four*
[19:40] * limpakos raises the yellow...
[19:40] (Sqall) but what is this?!? the ref is being ignored
[19:41] (Sqall) oh no. they finally noticed it and gave the ballback. but its all the way back near our keaper
[19:44] (Sqall) oh what is this? Sqall shoots the ball directly from his goal line
[19:45] (Sqall) but its a slow and high shot. it'll take 50minutes for it to reach the other side of the field
[20:04] (Juggen) shall I mux it?
[20:04] (Juggen) Sqall
[20:05] (Juggen) guess u have hours left of uppin'? =)
[20:05] (Sqall) 30mins eta. up to you
[20:05] (Juggen) meh then
[20:05] (Sqall) if you want to interepc my shot
[20:05] (Juggen) I do it in 5 though
[20:05] (Juggen) lol
[20:05] (Sqall) intercept*
[20:05] (Juggen) k, I'll up it

15 minutes later…

Also threw out a batch for easier distribution etc.

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Captain Tsubasa (2002) – 34


As with ep 32, this episode is one in which we learn more backstory — specifically, Santana’s.  So, without further ado, I now present to you the next episode in the saga called, “Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002”.  Download it and then enjoy learning about how Santana came to be known as “The Son of the Soccer God”.

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Igano Kabamaru – 10

Eeks! After an experiment by part-time student, part-time evil scientist Maejima-kun goes horribly wrong, lots of kitchenware and utensils start running amok and attacking people. Can Kabamaru survive the savage pot-and-pan invasion? Or will he succumb to the onslaught of boiling soup, whisked eggs and barbecue skewers? Find out in episode 10 of Igano Kabamaru.

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Yawara – 70


Took a bit longer than it usually does, guess some of the blame (most?) is on me, exams and courses that finish, seminars, typical shit period in univeristy. ^^
Will hopefully have enough time and strength to at least help out on a few projects a bit now and then, but for now, go ahead and enjoy the match between Sayaka and Beanpole. ^^

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