Igano Kabamaru – 11

Igano and Shizune decide to join the WWE this week and lay waste to all opposition, until Wrestlemania rolls around yet again and the main event sees the two facing each other in a submission faceoff. Shizune gets in a few early clothes lines but after a game-changing suplex by Igano, he unleashes his fearsome arm-lock. This looks like the end of the line for Shizune’s wrestling career… or does it? Watch a completely unrelated eleventh episode of Igano Kabamaru now to (not) find out.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Igano_Kabamaru_-_11_[581C6FB4].mkv
MD5: 12207a43ffd03ea5c6ce299d13888e76

36 thoughts to “Igano Kabamaru – 11”

  1. Or just me pissing about with learning new things (much to Juggen’s chagrin) ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’d take this as Christmas coming early, everyone. This project has bottlenecked a little again so I’m not sure we’ll get another episode out before 2012. Enjoy this one though.

  2. >>why canโ€™t i find episode 12 of ninja kabamaru any where??
    and of course i want it with english subtitle

    Have you ever consider the fact that it hasn’t been released yet with english subtitles? Otherwise you would find it at this site.

  3. Little late but merry Christmas everyone!
    Hope the 2012 is a better year than 2011 for everyone. =]
    (the crisis has hit saizen’s 15 days of Christmas… or was it 10… or 12… hmm…)

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