Desperately Seeking Raws for Sasuke

Hi, merry followers of Saizen! Here in Saizen, we’re always looking out for potential projects to fill the void when our current ongoing series have ended. At the moment, with Igano, Ashita no Joe, Captain Tsubasa and Yawara all being pretty much midway through, there’s no rush for us to pick up any more series – and in fact, it’d probably put too much strain on the group to produce any more series. But one series has caught our eye that we would potentially like to produce subs for in the near future (Read: when any of those series ends). I present Sasuke: a popular series made in the late 60s about a young ninja who’s on the run because he and his father have been charged with war crimes. The penalty: death.


This series was a precursor to a lot of ninja series you see nowadays and there’s no doubt that shows like Naruto owe a lot to Sasuke. The only issue we’re having is this 29-episode title is out of print. No DVDs are currently on sale except for ridiculously high secondhand prices on So we thought we’d give this a try – if there’s anyone out there who already has the DVDs, we are requesting the ISO’s so that we can produce a good sub of it for all the wonderful people who download our junk. There was an Italian version released at some point, as far as we can tell, so that might make the raws easier to come by, but unfortunately without the raws, Saizen’s hope of subbing this series will remain a pipedream.

This has been a public service announcement by Saizen. We thank you for your attention.

P.S. You can find a trailer for the series here: (it might spark a few memories!)

24 thoughts to “Desperately Seeking Raws for Sasuke”

  1. Sounds interesting, I would download it if opportunity comes. However, I’m more interested in seeing Ashita no Joe getting completed. Some other group is doing ANJ2, but progress is slow… Please keep up the good work, I always look forward to new releases of ANJ.

  2. If this project is started, it would not affect Ashita no Joe. You’re saying they are slow with ANJ2? They are way faster than what we have been with Ashita no Joe, hahaha.

  3. “” No DVDs are currently on sale except for ridiculously high secondhand prices on “”

    what’s it’s price there ?

  4. We’re checking out these torrents now to see if they’re of decent quality. Hopefully they will be and then we can start planning the project!

  5. UPDATE: The raws have now been acquired, so thanks to all of you that helped us out. All we have to do is find the time and a team to do it now!

  6. Yeah, I know what FD wrote before, however, “All we have to do is find the time and a team to do it now!” could be interpreted as you know… “doing it now”…
    While “All that is left now, is to find time, and a team to do it!” would have a different, and clearer meaning.

  7. So you’re saying that a few superfluous commas completely changes the meaning of the sentence? lol, okay.

    To be honest, I doubt we’ll find a full team for this series any time soon anyway, so there’s no real need to worry. And it’s not like I’m the sticking-point of Igano at the moment as it is, so eh…

  8. The commas are not what changes the meaning, FD. It’s where “now” is placed. At least when I read it changes meaning for me.

  9. If you find a translator get scab to encode, time, ts and QC, and you could edit. You wouldn’t need more people 😛

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