Igano Kabamaru – 09

“Hi there. Remember me? Yes, it’s Kabamaru-kun. You know… the one with the crazy ninja skills? Never mind. I’ve fallen on hard times recently – the tuition fees at Kingyoku cleaned me out – so I had to get a part-time job to pay my way. I met this director (well, he had a camera at least) who told me I had the right face for adult entertainment, so I started doing some shooting with Poopy for his next film. I’ve now perfected the ‘flying rape’ technique which is really fun. I’ve linked the video below. Hope you enjoy it. Gimme a call if you want to cast me in anything. Peace.”


CCCP icon[Saizen]_Igano_Kabamaru_-_09_[E1891C9A].mkv
MD5: 9CA1F07D52D5E2FE470E03A7E4F96CA8

46 thoughts to “Igano Kabamaru – 09”

  1. OMG i can’t believe it!!!!! Thank you for this fine release.I can’t be grateful enough to you.I am really glad that the project is not dead 🙂

  2. heh i’m 50-50. Some are the best, while others are not ;p ;p But I was referring to his nick ;p you can google malakas and see what pops up ;p ;p

  3. Malico78 what r u doing here?!! 😛

    finally ep.9 is out, just last week i was bored and decided to watch from ep 1 till 8.. it’s just my luck that ep 9 is released!! thanks you guys a looooot and keep it up.. XD

  4. Malico, you need to learn to “shut the fuck up”, and wait. Writing things like that here ain’t gonna help a thing.

  5. You have been one of those who are complaing all the time, and to be honest, this is our territory, and not yours. Just wait and be quiet.

  6. Eh, you don’t whine about release dates like some kid. Thought that was pretty obvious. Anyway, we try to have them out as fast as we can, can’t help if it’s not fast enough for you guys.

  7. lol, you just said on your previous post ” learn some manners and other ethic sentences “, you knew already that you’re doing wrong thing here, that’s why you said ” i can come anytime “, do better and go help yourself to learn how to deal with people.

  8. Actually, I won’t edit out that message so you everybody can see how big of a fool you make out of yourself, malico78 🙂

  9. Malico, you’re annoying me now so I’ve deleted all your posts. You carry on like that and I’ll ban your IP from the site. Your choice.

  10. FalseDawn im ok here but the guys making all the fuss with the foul language ok i tell u what i aint writing nothing OK

  11. I have nothing against you commenting in here, malico, but some of your previous comments were going a bit over the top. You have to understand that verbally abusing the sub team isn’t going to make the process happen quicker – we’ll get Igano eps out when they’re ready for public consumption. Until that time, we’ll continue to work on them. There’s no set time limit on when that is and in all honesty, Igano isn’t the easiest series to sub because it has cultural references from 30 years ago at times, and doing the research for these types of scenes takes time and effort. We shall release episode 10 when it’s ready, not before.

  12. You guys are the best!! I hope that you keep releasing the episodes even if they are years apart :D… thank you for your hard work :).

  13. Thanks for releasing ep09.took some fucking long time but ohhh well.
    by the way juggen. you need to learn some manners. i know how hard it is to listen these cry’s but u dont have to speak like that, faggot.

    p.s: a bit less warpsharp for ep 10 would be appreciated.

  14. Trolls do make me chuckle. Apparently, people have to learn manners but it’s all right to call people “faggots”. Makes sense.

  15. Considering I don’t owe you guys anything, and that pointless whining, trolling etc. just make me sick, I think not. People that actually appreciate our work are the only ones I care about. I couldn’t care less about the rest of you.

  16. I don’t recall this anime having partial nudity. Otherwise it wouldn’t be played at greek tv (which now sucks since the only anime it plays is Bakugan). XD

    Putting aside that, thanks for keeping the project alive. “Better late than never” is my motto for anime translation projects like this as a watcher, a motto every good anime watch should have instead of bitching about relases dates. Keep your great job.

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