Time for closure. Dealing with Sasaki and Ishihara. Moving on.

Before anyone asks, episode 13 is a recap episode. It’s stuck in TLC because of a few new lines of narration. It’d be dumb to hold this up for that, so yeah, here it is ahead of 13.

Also, we opted to not subtitle the insert song toward the end (~16:50) for :reasons:, so here it is, for those of you who are interested:

ah ame ga futta ato ni wa
otento sama mo warai dasu
dakara kyou wa ran ran boogie oogie
ah hoshi no tomoshibi ga
kokoro no naka kagayaki dasu
dakara kyou wa ran ran boogie oogie

Oh, when the rain stops,
the sun comes out with a giant smile.
Oh yeah! Today is a merry, merry day.
Oh, the stars are twinkling,
and they fill the inside of my heart with light.
Oh yeah! Today is a merry, merry day.

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Ookiku Furikabutte S2 – 09

Who loves ya… Juggen does! xD Well he ain’t around for the time being so we’ll have to make due. Here’s episode 9, watch and enjoy as the intensity of the game starts to build. We’re also trying to bang out the remaining episodes too, but life been a hassle to our staff.

On a side note, looks like we’re not posting screen caps, boo that breaks our string of funny faces on the site 😐

EDIT: Guess I lied there 😛. Yay for pics…

Captain Tsubasa (Road to 2002) – 16

Episode 16 is about the night before the final, and the final itself. I won’t write much, but be ready for a couple of surprises.

P.S! Many thanks to all of the team who worked really hard to get this episode ready. If we get another quality checker or two, we’d hopefully be able to go a bit faster, but until then, we’ll be struggling away at a not so fast pace.