Ashita no Joe – 72

Summer Special! #1


About time, right? 🙂 So we got around to finish a bunch of stuff, and with our 10th anniversary coming up soon, we thought that could mark the end of a neat summer special, meaning one episode per day up till then. And what could be better than starting it off with our beloved vagabond boxer, Joe. =)
I’m gonna continue working hard now on my vacation to make sure you guys will have an awesome summer, and many of my staff partners will too. What’s your excuse? 😉

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We’ve technically been releasing daily since the 19th, and might have more in stock even after the Summer Special ends. ^^

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Ashita no Joe – 71v3

Carlos with the flashy entrance! Has Joe perhaps found his new nemesis, and will be on his way back into pro boxing?
Go watch the latest episode of Joe and the first match with Carlos as he enters the Japanese boxing stage!

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v3: The preview audio was different in MPC for some stupid reason. V3 for additional fixes. Patch here.

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Ashita no Joe – 70

January won’t be as good as December, but I hope we’ll be able to still finish Joe fairly soon. ^^
I honestly never thought I’d like a series from the 70’s this much, but I feel it grows on me for every episode, and it only gets better and better. And it’s so freakin non-politically correct. lol

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Ashita no Joe – 68-69

Seems to me that them 2-3 episodes became 4. 😉 Find out who Joe’s new love interest(?) is and why he decided to quit boxing(?) and pick up his new career(?) as a farmer. ^^

I also hope some of you out there have a white Christmas Eve, we don’t, and that you get to eat lots of good food, get some nice presents, and have an overall good time with friends and family. And I hope you’ll return looking forward to new releases, not least Joe. ^^

Merry Christmas!

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