18 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 66-67”

  1. Finally! Whoo! Man, I waited so long, I nearly finished re-watching all of Urusei Yatsura! Seriously, that’s how long it’s been between eps 65 and 66. :p

  2. So these songs that the kids sing a few of each episode, are these real Japanese folksongs or just random blibber-blabber? there was some lyrics that caught my attention this time going something like; ”Nobody knows where he really is, but everybody knows him” Do you happen to have some closer knowledge about this?

  3. ALL of AnJ’s episodes are heart-breaking.
    I’m wondering how I could have believed before watching this serie that it was a sport-shonen…
    Thanks again and for ever for these releases and looking forward for the next ones 🙂

  4. @Anonymous: The song “Nobody knows who he really is but everybody knows him” (was it changed to “where” in the editing process? if so that’s a mistake) is the theme song to Gekko Kamen, Japan’s first TV superhero best described as Japan’s version of the Lone Ranger or Batman. He always wears a mask and actually throughout the series no one ever figures out his true identity (hence “nobody knows who he really is but everybody knows him”).

  5. Coppercab’s gonna have a period over this if he reads it. Don’t worry I won’t tell.

    Anyway, thank you very much for these!

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