No longer looking for new editor on Ippo!

Unfortunate news!
kokujin-kun wants to help fansub Saikin Imouto for another group, which airs about the same time as Ippo, and therefore wants to be relieved from editing if possible, since he’s also translating it for us right now. So we’re now looking for a new editor on Ippo. To get that position, you must have a strong interest in Ippo, not be a slacker, and preferably have previous experience, but it’s not a must.

Leave us a message at or join #saizen or #saizen^recruits on the Rizon network on IRC.

11 thoughts to “No longer looking for new editor on Ippo!”

  1. You’re dropping Ippo for some imouto show? Not impressed. I’ll probably watch it anyway, though I won’t enjoy it as much as Ippo.

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