Laughing Salesman – 05

So I’m nothing to do with this project, but I hear it’s a joint with those beautiful people over at Live-Evil – and if this screenshot is anything to go by, all I can say is… you’re all perverts. Who spies on old geezers like this?! But hey, who am I to judge? If you people want some old guy fanservice, you’ve come to the right place and I’m not going to stop you from getting your fix. Just go do it over there in the corner where I don’t have to be subjected to it too >.>

CCCP icon[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_05_[BECBFD44].mkv
MD5: ea35553a5c11c87fe24abe10e4272eaf

Laughing Salesman 1-4 batch

We’re looking for translators, translation checkers, and especially quality checkers to join our ranks so email for a test! And don’t forget to visit our friends at live-evil.

Changelog 1-3:

1-2: New and improved DVD encodes from scratch, re-edited by Collectr, and have gone through more QC.

3: Minor line fixes.

[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_01v2_[DVD][8E14FC93].mkv : f5f9e7249ff9fa3b5822c03a38d8f46b
[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_02v2_[DVD][6E1337B3].mkv : 094f924ee7ac1ca975b04c71d7279b61
[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_03v2_[DVD][E318892B].mkv: a803875077cace24138b4f3d38119d5b
[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_04_[DVD][9C957C2E].mkv: f7dae200026ce276c4a73c7ba1a0adb0