Laughing Salesman – 8 & 9


This is exactly what it looks like, a double release to satisfy all your salesman needs 😉 (Joint with Live-eviL)

UPDATE: 9 had some error due to weird muxing (nothing in the script) click here for the patch.

MD5: Ep 8 (5ae713cfa360a85daada2855b547e3bf) | 9v2 (bbbb7c056b9f9fd59ee2eb91ebc2f59d)

8 thoughts to “Laughing Salesman – 8 & 9”

  1. It looks like the fonts are missing from Episode 9 – for some reason the typesetting and fonts used in the previous episodes are absent from the episode and words overlap where they shouldn’t in the episode. Is this intentional?

    Really appreciate these releases! I only found out about this show through your translation and it certainly is a very dark, but entertaining series! Can’t wait for more of your awesome releases for this show 🙂

    1. Oh dear, thanks for the heads up. These sorts of things are hard to catch when subbing, since we have these fonts. And when the final release lacks them, it comes back and bites us (well, me) in the rear end. Looks like my batch script to mux things choked hard on 9, thus I take full responsibility for this one. Patchfix for 9 is up on the post.

  2. Episode 9 was disturbing. But then again i haven’t watched 1-8.

    Tells me to carefully choose the girls pursue. 😛

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