Laughing Salesman – 13

So apparently I’m doing this episode’s newspost! This episode of Laughing Salesman is about a chap who wants to get better at golf so he can show up those mean work colleagues of his. But let me tell you, golf isn’t an easy game, not by a long shot! It’s an enjoyable enough walk though (when it’s not raining, which it does a lot in the UK)… Anyway, I digress. Go watch the episode and as an encore, visit our partners-in-crime, Live-Evil!


<E_B|Slp18> Finally a sports-related Salesman ep
<E_B|Slp18> Now it is a very Saizen project lol

I expect this episode to get record downloads 😉

CCCP icon[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_13_[DVD][381E5159].mkv
MD5: 5f97383c9a9f7c47ea26ea21ebaa0ccf