Igano Kabamaru – 20

It’s finally happened. Maejima, tired of getting nowhere in his quest to take down the rebels at Kingyoku, has joined the Mongol Horde. With his unique swordfighting prowess, he quickly climbed the ranks and now, having been blessed with the nickname “Khan”, he is attacking Kingyoku Academy with his fearsome riders. Will the illustrious school survive such an onslaught? Exactly when did Maejima take horse-riding lessons? And did he buy his hat on eBay? All this and more will be answered in the next thrilling episode of Igano Kabamaru.

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Igano Kabamaru – 19

This is another episode where everyone watches way too much Ouran.

Oh, and to give you a little insight into the research that goes into translating and editing a series like Igano, let’s just say that I had to watch this to edit a line: Catch an Igano-kun by the Tail. I think we might have to make our group slogan to “Saizen: For all your country music needs~”

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Igano Kabamaru – 18

I see you…

Here at Saizen, we’ve decided that we want to know more about our downloaders. Therefore, armed with binoculars and night-vision goggles, we shall be stalking everyone who downloads this episode for a week. We strongly advise that, if you have net curtains in your home, this is the perfect week to wash them. See you all very soon.

If you’re interested in helping out and are godlike in the English language, Ashita no Joe and Prince of Tennis – Another Story II both need an editor!

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Igano Kabamaru – 17

This week, Mai and Kabamaru abandon their winter training camp and instead, decide to start a cabaret act with a worm, a newt and a gecko. Fame and fortune are just a high kick away, but can Kabamaru stand the high octane pace of dancing professionally? Or does he have two left feet? Find out all this and much, much more (including what a foxy lady the Principal used to be in her younger years) in the continuing misadventures of Igano Kabamaru.

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Igano Kabamaru – 15v2-16

At long last, the noble Sir Kagemaru, famed Knight of the Round Table and scourge of all Albion (otherwise known as the Blue Knight), has happened upon the Holy Grail – a sacred artifact said to have been the dish Jesus used at the Last Supper. And what’s this? It’s filled with yakisoba? Heavens above! What a twist! Though, of course, Sir Kagemaru would never dream of scoffing down the contents of the Holy Grail… would he? Find out in another thrilling installment of Camelot: A Ninja’s Tale Igano Kabamaru.

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Igano Kabamaru – 15

The Pose-Like-A-Ninja-Buddha-Statue World Championships has entered its final day after a thrilling two weeks of competition and our hero, Igano, has made it through to the semi-finals with a wondrous display of patience and athleticism. He’s wowed the crowd with his special techniques (“Poking Out From Behind A Tree,” etc.) and he now faces his toughest opponent yet. But who is this mysterious contender? Find out in another gruelling instalment of Igano Kabamaru, Saizen’s number one ninja comedy.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are still looking for extra Quality Checkers for this series, so if you enjoy the zany antics of Kabamaru and crew, and you know your comma splices from your conjunctions, drop us a line on rizon in #saizen. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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