Line Offline: Salaryman – 07

salaryman 07
I think a few of us have felt what Mr. Moon is feeling here…

A note on this episode: For some reason, the Japanese studio decided to misspell Connie’s name. Or she couldn’t spell it herself. Because, y’know, Cony (how she signs her pudding) is not pronounced Con-nee, it’s pronounced Coh-nee.  So, we at Ruri-Saizen have decided to carry on referring to her as Connie in the subs, because… well, we don’t need a reason. We considered typesetting over the Cony so that viewers would be nonethewiser, but I was talked out of it so that we didn’t seem like trolls. You guys deserve to know the truth, after all! So, there it is. Hope this doesn’t start any drama about preserving the source material and all that jazz! :O

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Line Offline: Salaryman – 05&06

salaryman 05

This is how I feel at work every day…

So, there we go, everyone – you know the drill. Yet another double release which makes this 6 episodes in 3 days, which isn’t bad going. We’ve almost caught up to the aired episodes, so you’ll have to sit tight for a bit. Not much else to add, really – my brain can’t cope with this many newsposts in quick succession!


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Line Offline: Salaryman – 03&04

salaryman 04

Another double release of Salaryman for you here. In this one, James and Connie become an award-winning news anchor team – though James has had to go undercover due to some past felonies he hopes the media won’t find out about. But what he doesn’t know is that Connie hates to share the limelight and even now, she’s plotting his fall from grace so that she can become queen of the airwaves!

And in answer to the question you haven’t asked yet: No, we won’t be doing double releases for all the episodes of Salaryman – we’re just trying to make up for lost time 😀

Line Offline: Salaryman – 01&02

This was my face when I heard we were picking up another project.

Seriously though, here’s a brand new series about a salaryman going to work every day. Sounds… interesting, right? But don’t judge a book by its (very green) cover! This is another one of those marvellous 5 minute comedies that entertains you inbetween doing important stuff like redoing project proposals and checking for nose hairs – so, go on, give it a go. Oh, and the OP’s pretty infectious too.

The two episodes you see before you (and hopefully, many more to come) are brought to you with the aid of Ruri with whom we have started a shining relationship that’s extending beyond our mutual love of loaves.

Charady’s Daily Joke – 54

So, our second Charady release and I’ve already broken our release schedule. Admittedly, my hand was forced by the need to fill a gap in Saizen’s daily releasing spree (plenty more to come, guys!), but that means you guys get a BONUS EPISODE! In this one, Ichigo gets attacked by Future Etna, not realising that they’re about to be sued for copyright infringement for starring in an unauthorised crossover. Will Ichigo’s Bankai save the day once more, or will Etna have to resort to calling on her prinny army? Find out in another Daily Joke (minus Charady this time).

Charady’s Daily Joke – 49-53

Hey, guys, here’s our new project! Well, that’s not exactly true; Charady’s Daily Joke first aired way back in April 2009 and ran daily for a year, totting up a mammoth 365 episodes. And as you can probably tell, it’s not actually a new project, because this FroZen venture was started by Frostii three years ago, but we figured that, as all the staff were in Saizen as well (including our brand new translator, Kazuki“), we might as well make use of the might of the Saizen distro team too. So here’s our latest five-episode batch with five jokes to tickle your fancies and maybe a few moral lessons along the way. Enjoy!

P.S. For those of you who haven’t watched any Charady before, we’ve uploaded the original Frostii episodes 1-48 so that you can watch the whole series in all its glory.

P.P.S. An extra-special thanks goes out to F10 of AnimeYoshi for helping us with our logo issues and to French fansub group, MotherFansubFucker-Team, who helped us acquire the raws for this show.