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Line Offline: Salaryman – 08

salaryman 08
Office Etiquette Guideline #27: No matter what the situation, never drop your pants in the workplace. The above photograph illustrates the likely reaction of your co-workers. It’s not big (that’s what she said) and it’s not clever, so take away the temptation and always wear a belt.

Oh, and here’s episode 08. Enjoy!

CCCP icon[Ruri-Saizen] Line Offline Salaryman – 08[F439857D].mkv

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  1. January 24th, 2013 at 1:30 am

    avatar [M]-V says:

    [Ruri-Saizen]_Line_Offline_Salaryman_-_08_[F439857D].mkv (50.3 MB)!Yct0DS6J!QZ4Q7wvj6Sap8Zue4VX9UW873AlOe0Vl-t9Goo_h4Sw

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