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Long time, no see. Here’s a new Salesman for your troubles. And like the post title says, yes, it is in remastered HD. Big shout-outs to Skr for providing us the new raws. Check out his Shin-chan subs at BuriBuri. Joint with Live-eviL, as usual.

Magnet URI[Evil-Saizen]_Laughing_Salesman_26_[720p][FB45FDA8].mkv
MD5: 1526f83a694b7037d18ae5b228847a03

If Saizen had its own anthem, this is what we’d look like whenever it played.

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Magnet URI[Frostii-Saizen]_Charady's_Daily_Joke_-_81-85
MD5: n/a

Anego is crying! What did Tsubasa do to make her cry? In order to find out, watch the episode!

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_120_[DVD][9FCDE54A].mkv
MD5: e0afcc24844de1eac6aa354e7e735d8d

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